Opinion Please : An Old man spotted standing in ATM queue with his urine bag

Opinion Please : An Old man spotted standing in ATM queue with his urine bag

Government has lost human touch. None of their people are in touch with public. And government is making new announcement daily adding confusion to chaos. The announcement they are making are giving public impression that main motive of note ban is tax collection only

Like modi send his mother, its shame such educated persons in kerala sent their parents to stand in queue and was shouting against modi that he sent his mother for publicity.

Seriously guys this very stupid and not the way it should have gone or they shouldn’t have let it go this far. Deeply heartbroken at how it’s still being portrayed as a successful idea and THE actual way to deal with this black money menace. Sad even our educated citizens still don’t see the reality of the scam so called demonitization.

People are suffering basterd bhakthas still saying nothing wrong going on every thing is cool and also finance minister defending his useless mass murderer pm.

Is this the great achievement that the BJP Govt & its spokesmen are congratulating Mr Modi about saying that after 70 years this is the first time its happening in INDIA.

Its Horrible . But the government can’t see this. What wrong has he done.


But our soldiers die on the borders… Oops can’t use the same logic here bhakts

And there are many people blaring their lungs out for modi….shame on them…..and the media too for projecting their blatant lies

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