Piyush Goyal’s Incredible Speech in Rajyasabha over Demonetisation of Currency !!

Piyush Goyal’s Incredible Speech in Rajyasabha over Demonetisation of Currency !!

All black marketeers, bootleggers, drug peddlers, hawala operators, terrorist financiers and sympathizers and commission agents etc have taken a big hit so naturally there will long speeches by the opposition that would be short on substance.

Patriot I want India to be a free thinking nation.. i don’t want to have any number of seat for BJP or congress. I am going to support the cause not the party or person. no one is here holy cow.
Just for an example..
Friends remember these people who went against Modi. Congress, BSP Mayavati. These people are highly corrupt. We feel to vomit seeing their faces and hearing them talk.

Anyone from UP and North Indian states please remember these faces and parties, please don’t vote for them.

Coalition politics is harmful for country. We should always vote for one good powerful party.

I am glad to be part of this history making time. Time has come to be proud of our brave prime minister. People who are politicians, Bureaucrats, government officials , all corrupt people, municipalities, tax officials, everyone who is not clean would be impacted and yes, they are accountable too. Terror funding should b almost stopped. Why we are worrying so much, it has no impact on common man , just little inconvenience. That’s all. People who are shouting and screaming are streets are unclean. They will b in radar. Bravo Mr prime minister.

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