Viral Speech: PM Modi Firing Speech in Belgaum after 500-1000 Rs Ban

by ultadin | 20/11/2016 8:26 pm

I read somewhere that a lot of ppl are creating fake MUSLIM profiles and abusing modi, in order to spread hate for Muslims. Just keep that in mind. Peace.

sir MODI you are the real kid of bharath maatha jai hind jai modi…. we are with you always ….and for ever
thank you for banning 500 and 1000 notes hats off to you modi ji

Modi i voted you… i have a question y u didn’t get all the money back from SWISS bank, which it will finish 99 percent of black money… y ur targeting poor and not bringing the swiss bank money(ur friends ambani’s???)

our pm thinks that 80% of ppl going to exchange the blockmoney in bank…. coorupted ppl for 4000 rs they are going to stand in Q… what a logical thinking… he can do this only for poor n middle class ppl only… rich r rich only… they hv many ways how to manage…

There are news that all your friends got the information before itself and they made money white??? how did the BJP MP get rs2000 before RBI release???

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