Who is the Liar, Bluffer,……. Most Corrupted Licentious ? MARRIAGE(???) of Netaji !!!

Who is the Liar, Bluffer,……. Most Corrupted Licentious ? MARRIAGE(???) of Netaji !!!

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█(01)► What a funny matter !!! Mr. ACN Nambiar, Netaji’s second in command at Barlin during the war is said to be with the married couple in Badgastein during in 1937, had written in a letter to Mr. Gorton in 1978 in his own handwriting that he [Nambiar] came to know about the alleged ‘secret marriage’ of Netaji only after the end of war, [that is, actually in 1994 from Krishna Bose for the first time!!]
█(02)►But in the film “Bose the forgotten Hero’, directed by Shyam Benegal, a most romantic seen is there where Mr. Nambiar has been shown to conduct the marriage ceremony as per Hindu rites in 1942. Till this day, there is nothing but only a spoken-off verbal testimony of the contemporary German call-girl “Fraulein Emilie Schenkl”, who is said to have declared verbally that Netaji married to her secretly in 1937. ▬ BUT :—
•(A)► Never in her life Emilie’ wrote any single word in her own hand-writing regarding such relationship with Netaji.
•(B)► Neither she visited India, nor ever she faced any reporter for any interview to say anything to anybody to be recorded.
•(C)► Nowhere ever she put her signature with ‘Bose’ as her surname or title. Not even she used ever ‘Bose’ as her surname in any personal documents.
•(D)► She died in 1996 as a Jewish Catholic, and was cremated [buried] as per Cathilic rites – and not as per Hindu rites.
•(E)► At the same time, “Anetta Bridgette” -▬ an abrupt posthumous daughter of Col. P. Bridgette, who was adopted by “Emilie Schenkl”, says that ‘Schenkl was a very private person and tight-lipped about her relationship with Bose.’
•(F)►No marriage registration which was & is must in Germany ▬ Not a single Authentic Proof, Materialistic Evidence, Valid Eye-Witness, Judicial Verdict, Rationalistic Argument, … or such anything is there till today to support logically that marriage!!!
•(G)►Though Netaji is still a declared ‘war criminal’ for his life-time and GOI had regular snooping over his possible return constantly from 1945 to 1964, but still crore of money were sent to ‘Emilie Schenkl’ & ‘Anetta Bridgette’ from GOI, where both of these women never put their signatures in the money-receipts with Bose title, but strictly always as only “Schenkl” & “Bridgette” correspondingly.

█(03)►Finally Being confused at random, however finally the British historian Mr. Gordon draws a conclusion that, “Whayever may be the precise dates, ▬ suggested verbally by Emilie as 1937, or ▬ prescribed in her several articles by Krishna Bose-Chaudhury as 1941, the most important thing is the relationship, ▬ and as such Bose must have been married Emilie Schenkl secretly in 1942.”

█(04)►Socially-legally-religiously-normally, actually or virtually, ▬ Netaji never married anybody, and even touched from his side any person of opposite gender, ▬ as he was spiritually oath-bounded for celibacy from his adolescence of 17/18 years of age, most secretly before several ascetics. This touching excludes her the foots, palms, upper-head of the female, — which becomes must for touching on Pranams, freetings and blessings accordingly.
█(05)► There is no (A) genuinely original camera-photos of the couple, (B) marriage-certificate, (C) eye-witnesses, (D) original genuine documents, (E) records, (F) legal-document, …or even the (G) slightest valid or judicially-acceptable argument in support of that fabricated ‘Secret-Marriage & son-daughter story’ … and anything such at all as validating that alleged-licentiousness of Netaji,
█(06)► What is meant by this clause ‘SECRET-MARRIAGE’,
-which is often mentioned?
Every marriage is itself a sponsored and authorized as well as legalized ‘mutual-prostitution’!
►So, as it is itself a social and legalized activity.
Why is it necessary to be secret, and a secret throughout till today ?
And if that marriage of Netaji was really a secret one, then WHO_WHEN_HOW_WHERE_WHY_WHAT
has broke that secrecy?
What are all the judicially-acceptable arguments, legally considerable records, valid eye-witnesses, authoritatively registered records, genuine camera-photos, contemporary written-testimonials, … or anything such as even a single piece in support of this alleged ILLEGAL _ ANTI-SOCIAL_ UNETHICAL_IMMORAL_IRRELIGIOUS
SEXUAL-FRAUDULANCE of War-Criminal Netaji ???
█(07)► From whom did Mr. Gorton or ACN Nambiar heard this matter ?
— Yes, that was Mrs. Krishna Bose,
the wife of that greedy Sisir Bose and the niece of the Part-Time British Agent NirodChandra Chaudhury !
►But from where this Krishna Bose, —the nice of a British spy Mr. ‘NIROD_BARAN_CHOUDHURY’ got this idea ?
…Certainly from the ‘British-Gandhi-Patel_Nehru’ lobby of that time !!!
What was the year in which that secret(!)-marriage took place ? —1937, or 1940, 1941, or 1942, or 1996, or 2014 ???
█(08)► ‘FRAULEIN_EMILIE_SCHENKL’ —that very poor Jewish Catholic lady,
—the daughter of a casual-employee civilian veterinary-doctor of German Army, – who was a butcher.
She was the grand-daughter of a road-side cobbler.
Emilie was a fiance of Col. P. Bridgette.
Col P. Bridgette was murdered or died in war, — after which one abrupt daughter of the colonel was adopted by Emilie, named by Anetta Bridgette (Pfaff) , as per all the available latest govt. records and authoritative documents of Germany.
█(09)►In her school, college, job records and citizenship-cards
— everywhere she was and is recorder still as “Anita Bridgette, d/o Col. P. Bridgette”.
Initially she was ‘Anetta [ऐनेत्ता ]’, but was converted [i.e., Indianized] from ‘Anetta [ऐनेट्टा] to ‘Anita [अनिता]’
through an affidavit of Indian-Court during 1962
under the initiative of J.L.Nehru, PM of India and supervised by
‘Dr. Bidhan_Chandra_Roy, the then CM of WB’.
█(10)►Fraulein Emilie Schenkle was initially appointed as a personal bilingual-interpreter cum steno-typist of Late BitthalBhaai Patel, -who at his death-bed handed over this extremely poor Jewish-Catholic lady to his best intimate friend Subhas.
Emilie was employed by Subhas for typing his complete book “The Indian Struggle”, and as also one stenographer-cum-bilingual-interpreter [English <> Germany].
█(11)►In an original group-photo, the person in the left-most from the viewer’s sight is A.C.N. Nambiar, -who was shown as the priest to perform that “SECRET_MARRIAGE!” in the film “Bose the Forgotten Hero” by MR.SHYAM BENEGAL,
-being instructed by Mrs, Krishna Bose, as had been said by MR. SHYAM BENEGAL and admitted by Mrs. Krishna Bose,
–the nice of Nirod C. Choudhury,
-a British agent, as mentioned by Subhas himself.
█(12)►But this ACN Nambiar himself said in a written letter of Prof. Gordon in 1978, that he came to know about that so-called marriage from Mrs. Krishna Bose many years after the end of WW-II.
█(13)►Perhaps Mrs,. Krishna Bose came to know about that so-called SECRET-MARRIAGE(!) from her uncle Nirod B. Choudhury, but Mrs. NIROD_BARAN_CHOUDHURY own-self had written in one of his article that ‘it was a funny matter for Bose to marriage that very poor, very low-class and socially backward Jewish Catholic daughter of a butcher, – and the grand daughter of a street cobbler.
[a non-metric veterinary doctor! — that was to test the animals like cows, horses, asses, buffaloes, goats …etc. before slaughtering, for using as meat for German soldiers].
█(14)►…Now in this way, it can easily be verified that the actual source of manufacture of this propaganda is Mr. J.L. Nehru,
who came to know about a matter from ‘Vallabh Bhaai Patel’,
that his elder brother ‘VITTHAL_BHAAI_PATEL’ had handed over
his personal assistant and interpreter ‘FRAULEIN_EMILIE_SCHENKL’
to his best and intimate young friend Subhas,
who in turn employed that extremely poor helpless and
socially-neglected Jewish Catholic lady as his -aid steno-typist cum bilingual interpreter [Germany <-> English].
█(15)►…If standing beside a gentleman proves a lady to be his wife, …or if any paid-stenographer is must to be also an unmarried-secret-wife [i.e., unethical, unsocial and illegal sexual-partner] of her boss, as proof … then … … !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But was our Netaji so character-less sexual fraud ??????????
█(16)►… But one question may arise here, that is :
“Why such marriage & daughter of Netaji was urgent ?”
The answer to this question is that :
“…for signing authority to withdraw the ‘enemy-property’,
as per the existing international law, a heir is must”.
Thus designing & decorating that ‘FRAULEIN_EMILIE_SCHENKL’ as Netaji’s wife, –and
‘COL. P. BRIGETTE’S abrupt-ed biological-daughter
‘Mrs. ‘ANETTA_BRIDGETTE(PFAFF)’ as Netaji’s daughter {heir},
the $75.000 crore Fund [declared enemy-property] and
other treasury items of Azad_Hind_Govt, Indian_NationalArmy, Rani_Jhansi_Regt., Bahadur_Shah_Bal_Sena, … all etc. of Netaji were withdrawn and transferred to Nehru’s bank account of Swiss Bank.
█(17)►Besides the above, an amount of R.1.20.000/- ——which was in ceased condition at ‘Bombay_High_Court’ due to a suit filed by ‘SARDAR_VALLABH_BHAAI_PATEL’ against Netaji_Subhas for cheating that sum from his dying elder brother ‘VITTHAL_BHAAI_PATEL’ at Vienna ——that was also released through showing that amt. to be provided to ‘FRAULEIN_EMILIE_SCHENKL’ as she was the bluffed sexual-partner of Subhas.
█(18)►these types of photos / clauses / passages were developed as a main part of Nehrubian conspiracy during the years of 1948-49, for manufacturing a legalized-fake-heir to withdraw the declared enemy property of INA amounting $75.000 crore and 5 M/T of gold, — and also for withdrawing the disputed amt. of Rs.1.20,000/- of ‘BITTHAL_BHAAI-PATEL’ donated to Subhas, kept at the Bombay High Court, as a …
█(19)►Some special types of TV programs, books, pump-lets, reports, so-called research-outcomes, …etc are generally brought before the public off and on for gradual brain-washing and implanting very tactfully the context of Netaji’s daughter for developing and promoting acceptability of her into public mind.
‘ANETTA_BRIDGETTE(PFAFF)’ is the daughter of Co. P. Bridgette from some woman other than his own fiancé ‘FRAULEIN_EMILIE_SCHENKL’, who was adopted by Emilie. –any other version of this truth in any way is only an intensive propaganda to spray the concocted story of Netaji’s extra-marital sexual-relation, in unsocial, unethical, illegal, irreligious, immoral and fraudulent manner. Netaji was a hard-core celibate and spiritual person from his very personal inner soul.
█(20)►For actual and confirmed knowledge in details
about the photos, so-called love-letters
and propagated Nehrubian concocted story on
“Netaji’s marriage & daughter Theory”,
please go to the all different posts of this album and
after going through any post,
submit your own views, opinions, ideas, …
there within the comment-box,
on the related matter,
without any hesitation,
– as those will never be deleted
or none will be abused in any way.

█(21)► Some selected extracts of his wordings in this respect are as under :-
•(A)►✩❝▌║ THE COMPLETE CONQUEST OF LUST INVOLVED THE RENUNCIATION OF SEX-INSTINCT, —WHEREBY TO A MAN EVERY WOMAN WOULD APPEAR AS MOTHER. … RAMKRISHNA PARAMHANSA … TAUGHT ‘CHARACTER BUILDING’ AND SPIRITUAL UPLIFT, AS UPANISHADAS PREACHED THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEFORE. FOR THAT RENUNCIATION WAS INDISPENSABLE, RENUNCIATION OF LUST AND GOLD. … AS LONG AS I LIVE, I SHALL BE ABSOLUTELY LOYAL AND DEVOTED TO RAMAKRISHNA-VIVEKANANDA”…যৌনতার উপর পরিপূর্ণ বিজয়ের লক্ষে সহজাত কাম-প্রবৃত্তির পরিপূর্ণ পরিত্যাগ নিতান্তই আবশ্যক, ▬ যেখানে পুরুষের জন্য প্রতিটি নারী-ই মাতৃরুপে পরিলক্ষিত হবে … আমি যতদিন জীবিত থাকব, ততদিনই শ্রীরামকৃষ্ণ-ৱিৱেকানন্দের পূর্নত: অনুগত থাকবো এবং তাঁদের আদর্শেই নিৱেদিত-প্রান থাকব। ║║❞
▬▬▬ Netaji in ‘The Indian Pilgrim’, [published by him in Dec 1937].

যেহেতু আমি পূর্ণ পবিত্রতায় ব্রতী হওয়ার সংগ্রামে অটল থাকার জন্য আকাঙ্খিত ছিলাম, আমি তাই সেই আদর্শকেই অবলম্বন করে আমার জীবনের ভবিষ্যতকে নিশ্চল-ব্রহ্মচর্য্যে সুস্থির করেছিলাম।║║❞
▬▬▬ Netaji in ‘The Indian Pilgrim’, [published by him in Dec 1937].

•(C)►✩❝▌║ RAMAKRISHNA USED ALWAYS TO SAY THAT GOLD AND SEX ARE THE TWO GREATEST OBSTACLES IN THE PATH OF SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT AND I TOOK HIS WORDS AS GOSPEL TRUTH. শ্রীরামকৃষ্ণ দেব সর্বদাই ‘কাম-কাঞ্চন’কে আধ্যাত্মিক বিকাশে পথের কন্টক স্বরুপ দেখতেন, ▬ এবং আমি তাঁর কথাকে আমার জীবনাদর্শ করেছি। … ║║❞
▬▬▬ Netaji in ‘The Indian Pilgrim’, [published by him in Dec 1937].


•(D)►✩❝▌║ IT WAS ALMOST A FIXED IDEA WITH ME THAT CONQUEST OF SEX WAS ESSENTIAL TO SPIRITUAL PROGRESS, AND THAT WITHOUT SPIRITUAL UPLIFT HUMAN LIFE HAD LITTLE OR NO VALUE. এটা আমার জন্য একটা পূর্ণ সুনিশ্চিত আদর্শ ছিল যে, আধ্যাত্মিক বিকাশের জন্য যৌনতার উপর বিজয় আমার একান্ত প্রয়োজন, কেননা, আধ্যাত্মিক উন্নতি ব্যতিরেকে মনুষ্য-জীবনের মান অতি যৎসামান্য অথবা কিছুই না-থাকা।… ║║❞ ▬▬▬ Netaji in ‘The Indian Pilgrim’, [published by him in Dec 1937].

•(E)►✩❝▌║ I’ll marry never, and as such whatever seems to be truthful for me —— whenever to me, — I need not be to remain dependent under the liabilities of family-life. আমি কখনই বিবাহ করিব না , এবং সেইহেতু যা-কিছু আমার কাছে সত্যে বলে প্রতিভাত হবে, — যখন যখন তা হতে থাকবে, — আমাকে তখান কোনো প্রকারের দায়-দায়িত্বের অধীনস্ত থাকতে হবে না। … ║║❞
▬▬▬ [ Subhas on 22 Sep 1920]

•(F)►✩❝▌║ MY ASSETS TO MY COUNTRYMEN, MY DEBT TO MY BROTHER SHARAT. আমার সকল সম্পত্তি আমার দেশবাসীর জন্য, আর, আমার ব্যক্তিগত ঋণ আমার মেজদা শরত বসুর কাছে … ║❞
▬▬▬[ In 1935, while Subhas had to undergo an operation in gall bladder in Europe, doctor asked him to write his last testament as surgery involved risk. The great divine saintly celibate patriot wrote unforgettable words . ✩*This proves that he had none as his own or personal next of kin (NOK), like wife or biological progeny, except his countrymen. ]

•(G)►✩❝▌║ I’m not a businessman, I don’t prefer bargaining. I hate any fakeness and falsehood, as I’m standing upon an ideal & mission. I DON’T FEEL MY LIFE AND REPUTATION SO IMPORTANT THAT I NEED TO TAKE THE SHELTER OF CLEVERNESS TO PROTECT FAKENESS & FALSEHOOD! — THAT’S THE FINAL WORD FROM MY SIDE. আমি কোনো ব্যবসায়ী নই, আমি দর কষাকষি পছন্দ করি না। আমি মিথ্যাচার ও ধোকাবাজিকে ঘৃণা করি। যেহেতু আমি আমার জীবনের সূনিশ্চিত ধ্যেয় ও আদর্শের উপরে দাঁড়িয়ে, তাই আমার প্রাণ ও মানা-মর্যাদাকে এতটা গুরুত্বপূর্ণ মনে করি না যে, তার জন্য আমাকে ধুর্ততা-চালাকির আশ্রয় নিতে হবে, — কোনো মিথ্যাচারকে ও ধোকাবাজি লুকাবার জন্য। ▬▬ এটাই আমার পক্ষ থেকে আমার শেষ কথা। ~ [Netaji on 06 May 1927]

•(H)►✩❝▌║ Marital Status : “SINGLE” Sd/- Subhas Chanrda Bose বৈবাহিক স্থিতি : “সিঙ্গেল / অবিবাহিত” – সাক্ষর সুভাষ চন্দ্র বসু । … ║❞
▬▬▬ [On 23 Nov 1939, Netaji had declared himself in his own hand writing as a SINGLE & BACHELOR in the application form of British Govt. for visa for China].

•(I)►✩❝▌║ My dear children! … I have no children of my own, but—– to me you are dearer than own sons and daughters because you and I both have one supreme aim in life—- the liberation of our Mother India. You are always in my thoughts, I am proud of you. I have faith in you. I have always been with you in spirit and will always be. May God protect you, Jai Hind! আমার প্রিয় ছেলেমেয়েরা, আমার নিজের কোনো সন্তান নায় । কিন্তু — আমার কাছে তোমরা সকালে আমার সন্তানের থেকেও প্রিয়, – কেনোনা, তোমদের ও আমার – উভয়েরই জীবনের একটা বিশেষ উদ্দেশ্য আছে —— যা হলো মাতৃভূমির স্বাধীনতা। তোমরা সর্বদাই আমার চেতনায়, আমি তোমাদের জন্য গর্বিত। তোমাদের প্রতি আমার বিশ্বাস আছে। চেতনার রাজ্যে আমি তোমাদেরই সাথে সর্বদা আছি, এবং থাকব। ঈসবার তোমাদের রক্ষা করুন । জয় হিন্দ ! ║❞
▬▬▬ Addressing the soldiers of the AZAD HIND FAUZ (INDIAN NATIONAL ARMY) in the month of March, 1944 in Rangoon (Yangon) NETAJI SUBHAS CHANDRA BOSE had stated as aabove.].

•(J)►✩❝▌║ My dear boys, you are always in my thoughts, I am proud of you. I have faith in you. I HAVE NO SON OF MY OWN. But, you are to me more than my own son because you have dedicated your own life to the cause, which is the one and only goal of my life….. The freedom of Bharat Mata. I am confident that you will remain true to the cause and to Bharat Mata……. I am always with you in spirit. …║❞ ▬▬▬[ This was his latest declaration on 29 Nov 1944, in a self hand-written commendation letter on the successful pass-out parade of Azad-Hind’s Tokyo-Cadets in Tokyo, Netaji stated that, “he had no ward [heir] of his own, and as such all the boys of ‘Bahadur_Shah_Suicide_Squadron’ and the girls of ‘Rani_Jhansi_Regiment’ were like his own sons & daughters [heirs].

•(K)►✩❝▌║ I’ll not marry আমি বিবাহ করিব না ║❞
▬▬▬ [In this way, starting from Jun 1914 [17 years of age] upto Nov 1944 [47 years of age] Netaji had told quite clearly, — wrote, mentioned and responded to the contemporary reporters and others, on at least hundred times, at several occasions, – that above words , which establish the fact that he was not married and never going to even think for such in future].

•(L)►✩❝▌║Be strong in body, pure in spirit, resolute within and sound in character. … Strength, purity and tenacity are necessary to BUILD UP CHARACTER. AND CHARACTER IS THE FORMATION OF ALL SUCCESS. … WITHOUT CHARACTER NO THEORY WILL BE OF ANY AVAIL. IT IS CHARACTER ALONE THAT CAN PUT THEORY INTO PRACTICE. … Build up your character, but that is not enough. Make your life one long adventure — a guest of the unknown.║▌❞

█(22)►Every genuine citizen of India must remain alert regarding the aforesaid truths and they must not entertain those propagandists and stupid spokesmen on Netaji’s licentiousness in tactful ways. We must protest immediately on the sight of such posts of facebook or sites of internet, where such miscreants are found.
Remember that, Netaji said, “
❝║Forget not, that, the grossest crime is to compromise with injustice and wrong;
… … … And, the highest virtue is to battle against
all iniquity and wrong,
-no matter that the cost may be. … … ║❞
█(23)►Firstly, as a student of 18 years age, he became so much inspired by reading the books of Swami Vivekananda that he left his home and came to Varanasi to become a monk of Ramakrishna Mission, but ‘Swami BrahmanandaJi Maharaj’, the first President of Ramakrishna Mission refused fot initiation in Sanyas, but however advised him to dedicate his life for the nation.
█(24)►On that occasion, he voluntarily had a promise that, that: “he will observe celibacy throughout his entire life, to be initiated in Sanyas in future [spiritual asylum away from domestic-life], while such dedication for the nation, will be fulfilled with his mission of life”.
█(25)►Netaji had an oath also before a great old ‘Siddha Yogi’, — who didn’t also initiate Netaji in ‘spiritual asylum’, but advised Netaji to adopt ‘Vegetarian food-habit’ and ‘spiritual celibacy’ for extra-ordinary success in his mission of life. ►A slight reference of that can be availed from the unfinished autobiography of Netaji titled as ‘An Indian Pilgrim’ or ‘भारत पथिक’ / ‘ভারত পথিক’, where he mentions of a great old monk of a famous Ashram [Church], whom Netaji happened to meet at the house of one of his disciple, ▬ a popular doctor. In fact that doctor was Mr. Devendra Nath Mukherjee of Cuttack, and that very old monk was none but ‘Bholananda Giri Maharaj’, -the ‘personal-spiritual-master’ of the great stunt active revolutionary ‘Bagha-Jatin’.
█(26)►Being of very little age at that time and belonging as a dependent of a Kshatriya family, it was not possible for Netaji to adopt ‘vegetarian food habit’, ▬ but Netaji started to observe a ‘life-long spiritual-celibacy’ with a strict oath.
►Netaji then grown up a habit of avoiding any touch of ‘opposite gender’, – even of any age. Detailed reference of this habit of Netaji can be found in remembrances of his college-mate and most favorite life-time close friend ‘Reverend Dilip Roy’ of Haripura Ashram pune, – a direct disciple of ‘Maharshi Aurobindo’, and the son of a great music-composer, poet, and patriot ‘Dwijendra Lal Roy’.
█(27)►The same and more strong experience was of ‘Hemanta Kumar Sarkar’, — a childhood-to youth-time intimate-most friend of Subhas, who observed Subhas once to be extremely anxious and sleep-less for completely three days & nights at a stretch, being worried of his breaking of oath of celibacy’, — while one foreigner-girl happened to kiss Subhas as per the regional-customs of their region to welcome a new-comer.
█(28)►It is also learnt that, on the 12th Jun 1939, [Bengali era 22 Jaistha, 1346] Netaji took also some provisionary initiation in ‘Kriyayoga’, from ’BaradaCharan Majumdar’, for achieving success in his mission of life, which is to orient a ‘human-world-order of united-independent countries with their slave-less citizens’.
█(29)►Thus the concocted cock & bull stories of his socalled secret marriage & daughter, or licentiousness is not at all acceptable without any materialistic evidences like :
(A) ‘D.N.A. Tests’ for peternity of ‘Anetta Bridgette’;
(B) ‘Registered Marriage Certificate of the Date’ and
(C) ‘Genuinely Original Birth Certificate with actual Date of origination’
▬ of that so-called abrupt daughter, ▬ manufactured by the “Patel-Nehru” duet
▬ and marketed by the greedy-corrupted members of Bose Family with mainly their two prominent factions as –
“Sisir-Krishna-Sugata-Sharmila+” lobby, and
“Amiya-Jyotsna-Surya-Chandra-Madhuri +” lobby .
█(30)►✩✩✩“Netaji married to none, ▬ not even touched any female of any age ever in his life, from his side, being oath-bounded for spiritual celibacy.” ▬ ‘Anjaan Bandaa’.

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