Is this the way of McDonald to make BLACK money WHITE…???

Is this the way of McDonald to make BLACK money WHITE…???

No Parking Fee in Malls

Recently we went to a popular mall in Bangalore to watch a movie.

As usual, while entering the premise, we got the parking ticket issued. After the movie, since we visit this cinema very often, we had the charge calculated and had the right change in hand so to finish it off soon.

I first handed over the ticket to have him check and tell the amount. After getting the ticket, he asked to leave. He didn’t ask for the money. We were curious as what’s happening here. No one says NO to money when you give!!

We asked those guys there as why are you not collecting the money. And, the answer they gave was -”We don’t have change “.

We were like – “Whaaaaaattt?” cos, he very well looked into the money we had in hand in perfect change he would want it.


Wondering why this new change in their money-minded business rule, we left the place. But just then, it struck our minds that he is trying to convert his BLACK money to WHITE!!! In the entrance of the mall, we noticed that the securities were telling people to park inside as there are no parking charge(which we didn’t notice while entering as we went straight into the mall’s parking entrance).

In usual days, they wouldn’t even have bothered if we had mistakenly lost the ticket. But now!!! Hats off, Modi ji!!

This was an another incident I just read about, didn’t experience!!

Real Incident: with my friend- BLACK money to WHITE money

Place: McDonald’s, College Road, Nasik

Date: 13/11/2016

Time: 10.15pm

Today my husband and I visited McDonald’s at college road, Nashik. We bought two ice-creams and paid bill of Rs. 61. My husband paid him through Rs.100 cash And counter boy returned Rs 39. After that my husband saw the printed bill and to our shock and surprise it was written on the bill that we gave him Rs 500 note and he returned us Rs. 439 . But in actual my husband gave him Rs. 100 note, not Rs.500 note. My husband asked them about the discrepancy in printed bill.

They told us that it’s computer mistake… not ours…

When the matter came to notice of other people in McD, they also checked their bills and 5 more people were there who found that they had been given the bills in the same manner.

When all people started asking them questions and threatened about Police complaint, they agreed to give new bill of Rs. 100 cash given and return of Rs.39 and likewise to others…

Is this the way of McDonald to make BLACK money WHITE…???

Definitely This is the way people are converting black money to white…

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