Rajya Sabha Nov 24 2016: Dr. Manmohan Singh’s comments on Demonetisation of Currency

Rajya Sabha Nov 24 2016: Dr. Manmohan Singh’s comments on Demonetisation of Currency

Idiot’s from an other world mostly Modi Bhakts are fooling this country,
Shakthikanta Das during an interaction with the press explicitly stated
that 1000 and 500 rupee new notes with additional security features will
be made available to the people in the coming months, they are doing a
great disservice to the nation by pedaling lies by calling this a
demonetization when it is the last thing that this nation needs during
this humongous economic turmoil , in 1929 when the stock market in USA
crashed it led to cash crunch and the government of the day tried its
best to give it a positive spin by saying that it was just a temporary
phenomenon but things spiraled down so swiftly as the government failed
to address the real problem’s and it metamorphosed into GREAT DEPRESSION
IN just a few months …. here Modi the fool that he is has concocted
an economic disaster and no amount of media management or manufacturing
online opinion is going to make any difference to the real problem that
is playing havoc in the lives of a billion people … seeing most of the
Bhakts blunt reply which is not backed by any particular understanding
of how money functions or for that matter how a certain monetary policy
leads to some unintended consequences if you don’t consider its outcome
with a macroeconomic perspective proves that foolish bhakts are just
shooting the air hoping that a duck might find their bullet, bhakts
understanding that cashless economy means no black money is puerile at
best, which idiot taught them that cashless economy would lead to the
annihilation of the black economy ?,

I am sure it must be that
uneducated Chaiwalla who has plunged this country into an economic
turmoil which is going to cost dearly to not just people who have been
through out saying that this fellow Modi is a fool but also to people
who got fooled by his visage guaranteeing everyone “Achche Din”. To
start with when you want to attack black money in the form of cash you
would be making a fool’s mistake if you think it as a stock rather than
it being a flow, If i go to a store and buy myself something for lets
say 100 Rupees and the store owner doesn’t give me a bill my white money
becomes his black money but when the store owner spends that money to
buy a train ticket his black money would again become Indian railways
white money … it is believed that Of the total Black money only 5% of
it is in cash ..

Now do you see what a big fool modi is … Black Money
can be eliminated only through Proper enforcement of tax laws and
annihilating impractical taxation policies either of which Modi has not
done, Action against offshore accounts with illegitimate income followed
by a comprehensive deployment of new notes with advanced security
features over a period of time would have been the right and precise way
to tackle the accumulated black money as well as its generation …

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