The recognition of India as an emerging Global Superpower

The recognition of India as an emerging Global Superpower

Since its independence in 1947,India has traversed a very bumpy and intricate journey of its new life to great achievement. It withstood all types of tribulations whether these be wars,very weak economy, widespread poverty or any other, it never gave up.

No one accepted that a newly formed large nation like India could successfully exercise democracy, but to everyone’s surprise, India not only successfully implemented democracy but also created an exemplary model for others to follow the path of democracy.

Same is the marvelous story of becoming self-reliant in food production thanks to green revolution and embracing advanced agricultural tools and techniques. This miracle turned India from a huge importer of food-grains to a big exporter.India also achieved similar success for milk and other crops and their products.

India adopted 5 year economic plan model after independence and worked arduously to raise the living standards of its people. Due to strenuous economic reforms, its GDP has increased manifolds. Currently, India is world’s 7th largest economy at over 2.25 trillion dollars. Increase in economy helped in increasing its per capita income significantly.

The long walk to the United Nations ::


After WW2, victor nations created a group to represent the world powers of that time and named it UNSC (United Nations Security Council). These nations were US,Russia then Soviet Union, UK and France. China was added later in 1972. They all occupied permanent 5 seats, meaning they are the only powers of the world. But this power balance seems to be old and skewed as other powers are emerging like India and some old ones are waning like France and UK.

Now question arises why India should be given a permanent seat in the security council becaue it is given to a big power only,then there are several strong and valid reasons which fulfill the criteria to join this club:

1. Currently Indian economy is 7th largest at nominal basis and 3rd largest at PPP basis.

2. Its GDP growth rate is highest among world’s major economies at around 7.5% . Given the very slow growth rates of countries like UK and France at around 2 to 3%, India is going to surpass these economies very soon. Moreover, India is going to become world’s 3rd largest economy between 2025 and 2030.

3. Militarily too, India is one of the most powerful nations. Its army is 3rd largest and defense budget is 6th largest. Increasing economy will further strengthen its military might.

4. Indian foreign exchange reserves are growing rapidly. Currently, Indian Forex reseves are 8th largest at around 370 billion dollars and surprisingly,these are more than the reseves of US,UK,France etc.

5. India has come a long way in space research. It is already called an Asian space power along with China and Japan. It proved its tag when it became the first Asian country to reach Mars and first worldwide to achieve this success in its maiden attempt. Now it not only launches its satellites but of other countries too.

These few points clearly shows the stature of rising India. It is already a major Asian and World power and fast emerging as a Global Superpower.

Source: http://www.defencenews.in/article/The-recognition-of-India-as-an-emerging-Global-Superpower-119327

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