Yogis Of Tibet Rare Documentary

Yogis Of Tibet Rare Documentary

Yogis Of Tibet Rare Documentary

he is truly enlightened. I’ve listened and read almost all of his work and if you focus on his choice of words and statements, you will realize how elevated his state of mind is.

I believe that being happy and at peace are fundamental to our existence and that our real goal should be to discover ourselves from within!

there has been many misconceptions concerning spiritual aspects in almost many teachings. It is not about acquiring the wisdom of others, it’s simply an individual concept without being attached to something or someone. But as a guidance to spiritual awakening one can only refer to some teachings of sages or any other gurus . And the main thing above all else , NEVER get confused in religious practices. You don’t need to be a product of a certain kind of religion, but be free and unattached. You may have born in a religion ,but not with it. You came in this world naked and pure, that’s all you have to maintain till death. And of living a whole peaceful life in this world is like a ripen fruit that taste sweet when you pluck it from your own garden. The most beautiful words are those that i have been hearing from the deepest silence of nothingness. Learn yourself to be intelligently wise.

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Yogis Of Tibet Rare Documentary

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