Is it Dindayal ji BJP ? Or Modiwadi

Is it Dindayal ji   BJP ? Or Modiwadi

The way present government is running it does not seems as a BJP Dindayal ji  Integral humanism. Mr. Prime Minister was a Chief Minister of Gujarat and never be a Parliamentarian. First time Parliamentarian and taken oath as a Prime Minister. He should not be Prime Minister of Gujarat.

It is democratic country and opposition having rights to speak for you as well against you.

Mr. Prime Minister you have travel around 46 countries signed many agreements. Now it is the time to implement all the agreement what you have signed other ways International community will not trust you.

You formed Government where you placed losing candidate as your ministers. Many Ministers did not fight election but you made them Ministers. What you did for the winning candidates ? Many Senior Leaders has been side lined because they are your critics. To run Parliament it required political Maturity and give respect to the Oppositions.

Your most trusted man is your Finance minister, When he speaks in the Parliament it seems a Lawyer handling a case in front of a Supreme court Judges not in front of Opposition.

It is not possible  that you alone speak right and others wrong. if this is the attitude of a Prime Minister, for you handling Parliament will be biggest problems in a Democratic system.  You want to demolish all the oppositions and want to make single opinion based Parliament and you would alone a Spoke person of Nation, then it would called as Autocracy not democracy.


The ways you see the world it may be truth for you but not for every one.

We should not forget Dindayal ji  Integral humanism.

Integral humanism (India) – Wikipedia


Integral Humanism – Bharatiya Janata Party

The text of Integral Humanism—the philosophy of the Bharatiya Janata …


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Is it Dindayal ji BJP ? Or Modiwadi

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