PM Modi Latest Speech At BJP Parliamentary Meeting (16-12-16)

PM Modi Latest Speech At BJP Parliamentary Meeting (16-12-16)

Wonderful job sir”,we all Indians always with you”aaj Mai 3 hours ATM Ki line Mei khada raha jab machine key pass pahuncha toh cash khatam hogaya”,lekin koi Baat nahi”,kal phir try karunga”,mere saat bhi Bahot log they lekin Kisi ne Modi ji KO Bura nahi kaha”,Phir woh Muslim area hai”,Virodhi log galat propaganda kar rahe hain”.you are the best prime minister of our country since independence day”,we all love you and proud of you”,god bless you”.Road development Bhi Zaroori hai sir”,Zara iss par bhi DHYAAN dijiye”,please Comments by syed ali nayamathullah feroz

I can see the pressure taking on Modi’s life. Those pigs who don’t like what Modi says can leave the country. He won’t break down and we won’t let him. This is a second independence struggle against the Congress and their corrupt allies.

Here i can not support the Modi Govt.. Public given BJP full majority in house but rather than taking strict actions for the betterment of the common people the entire Govt. is just busy in giving clarifications for just 50 -60 people of Congress & other parties.
Rather than giving explanations to few opposition parties BJP Govt. should start doing things for the betterment of common people…. why no currency in ATMs…? Why entire govt. is just wasting time for few leaders of opposition, discarded by the JANTA…Comments by Arvind Chandan

You know some of this Muslims complaining about demonetization not talking about why it’s wrong in their life but very poor ppl suffering and very rich ppl have change money already I tell you what’s their problem most Muslims who commenting are from Arab countries like Saudi Qatar Kuwait Dubai as u all know most some in India so now the zakat and khairat money used to come in India through hawala (the name hawala is Arabic/ Urdu word )channels it’s stopped and they send their families money from specially Dubai through hawala it’s stopped and so their jihad for some terrorists Comments by Ajay Gidwani

Simply because he is right! And funny part is that we kept quite all these years on all the injustice done to us and now we shout on top of our voice about injustice being done to people. Its like we are ok with cancer killing us but do not want the pain of radio therapy! Comments by shankar narayan

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