A Muslim Women Challange Modi against Bhopal fake Encounter

A Muslim Women Challange Modi against Bhopal fake Encounter

It’s really pathetic to have such woman in our country… Irony is that no one will dare to arrest her.

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I’ll just paste another answer I wrote for another question with an answer I wrote for another question.

I want people to look at different perspectives and not just those painting a rosy picture with sugar coated words about the Government.I believe those answers are not capable of seeing the deeper problem so here it goes:


I have MANY muslim friends in my social media profiles and I’ve never seen anyone sharing anti-Modi posts. As for anti-BJP posts, may be (Tip: May be you need to use block/unfriend/unfollow/mute like I do for anti-muslim posts by BJP supporters)

Why do they do that?

I could take the description on your question and replace it with a few words without changing the sentiment.

“I’ve observed a lot on Facebook. Indian Nationalist hate Muslims for no legit reason whatsoever. They’re filled with hate. They even go around abusing muslims and also the people who support them. When will these people come to their senses?”

You see?

The sad fact is its my own hindu relatives and close acquaintances that have started spreading venom against everyone who doesn’t agree to their point of view.
See how close to the ground this has spread?

Now I don’t claim to talk on behalf of all muslims. Personally I like Narendra Modi and I am counting on him to do some wonders but I can’t say the same about the party he belongs to.

Feel free to call me anti-national, jihadist and whatever else you fancy. And so to make my point I’ll just paste a little rant I made on another question in the hope that you will find it in your heart to see some sense.


“We are ignoring the obvious here.
The Muslims in India are not just used for vote bank politics by “pseudo seculars” but also by “pseudo nationalists”

I’ve seen a number of answers on this issues from people who aren’t Muslims and the only culprit according to them is either the left parties or Muslims themselves. I agree to some extent this may be true but please take a deeper look about the other side of the coin.

Muslims are most definitely being used as a way to polarize the Hindu population as well.

Anyone who isn’t in touch with this I am sorry to say is either biased or doesn’t understand the reality. If Muslim appeasement is wrong so is Muslim denigration for winning brownie points with locals.

Everyone is busy saying muslims should buck up and not be fooled by false propaganda but tell me what other options are there?

Please take a look at how many times BJP leaders have had their foot in their mouths in the last year. If one is really not biased they will feel as much pain in what these so called leaders have said as when they feel when awards are being returned for “imaginary” intolerance.

How many times have they been really reprimanded by the higher echelons of the party? Leave alone being rebuked, they have been honored and even applauded for their communal efforts.

I don’t even want to list these things because when it comes to your favorite party everything is fair. It doesn’t matter whether you are an MLA or a local goon, you can make any comment against muslims and supercharge your popularity. Even the Home Minister won’t mind because hey! the elections are coming.

I understand this is dirty politics but what sickens me is every Ramesh, Suresh and Mukesh and many influential writers on Quora as well ruling out the obvious two sided role of politicians. I am sorry to say but yes the Muslim community is used like a pawn by the BJP as well albeit in a different way. Open your mind if you can’t see this. Probably you are the one who needs to be opening their eyes as well.

From where I see it, its not a very good view. The amount of hate messages and glorious BJP posts I get on a medium as personal as Whatsapp is proof enough. If you are so great, you won’t need to put others down to look good.

May be communal propaganda draped in the garb of patriotism, nationalism, progress and what not may be okay to rest of the people but it definitely is not for a common Muslim who just wants development, progress andpeace as much as the next Indian.

Please don’t try to trick muslims into believing that the BJP wants sabka sath sabka vikaas when its top leaders are busy spewing hatred against the community to win your sweet votes.”

I want to end with just one famous adage: DIVIDE AND RULE

Zara Razaq, Muslim Indian
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