It is possible ! Religion of peace

It is possible ! Religion of peace

It is possible ! Religion of peace

Please give your opinion !

Okay! Islam is the target here. Bt even a fool would knw dat it has got nothing to do with religion. Any other bigoted asshole like u would post abt SUNIL RASTOGI, the serial pedophile frm delhi with more than 500 victims and spread hate jus becoz the serial rapist happens to be a Hindu. So, dnt smear dirt on my religion even indirectly coz u wont be spared either.

OMG what a scum, linking every thing with religion. Did I mentioned Islam in my post? Did I mentioned Muslim in my post? You Guys are sick.

Dismiss them first .Arrest and put them behind the bars with a non bail able warrant and keep them incarcerated till their trial is over. Hopefully they should spend the day rest of their lives in prison.

I think the proper punishment for a rapist would be to detach his “tool” so he can never commit such a heinous crime again!


Just shooting is insufficient. They should be torched inch by inch in a cruel way till they die.

This is rape.. do not bring religion into rape dude..

Hang and beat the culprit till death

With out filling case kill them.

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It is possible ! Religion of peace

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