Did Nehruvian secularism necessitated and originated from “genitals”?

Did Nehruvian secularism necessitated and originated from “genitals”?

Did Nehruvian secularism necessitated and originated from “genitals”?
(Love and Lust is never the same)

Call a ‘Rose’ by any name it would smell the same. Similarly whether Kerala HC calls it a Love Jihad or not it was there since day the word Jihad came in its existence. Lust is presents right from the beginning of creation.
Al –Biruni (973-1048) and Ibn Battuta (1330 AD) both believed Muslims failed to Islamize India in such long years because Hindus looked Islamic beliefs and Arab culture as “Antagonistic” and developed “Hatred”. British too understood and did not try to Christianize the way they did in America, Australia etc. Instead they distorted anything Hindu and designed to destruct Hindu pride and dissolve our cultural and spiritual strength.
MKG and JLN were perhaps trained by them for the purpose. Womanizers know it better –how sex is used as ‘bait’. If such illegitimate sex could be legitimize, Hindu Victims will surely lose their self esteem thereby weakening their adherence to culture, custom, tradition or heritage (when these are lost, nothing remains in a Hindu). It is this class of hi fi English educated sexually perverted ones who might have been called “liberal secularists”.
1. M.A. Jinnah, son of Poonjabhai Jinnabhai Thakkar & mother Premji Meghji (also Mithibai, said to be an indecent lady from Iran). He married, first cousin Emibhai and Rattanbhai Petit (24 yr junior to him), a parsi (related to Tata family).
2. His daughter ‘Dina ‘(from wife Miryum, a Brit) married Neville Wadia of “Bombay dyeing” family against the will of her father/family.
3. Mothilal and Jawaharlal – M O Mathai got puzzled to draw a family line for them, how can I write? I’ll only say that you might have never heard a title “Nehru” among Kashmiri Pandit and ‘Anand Bhawan’ was said to be a villa belonging to a rich Muslim from whom they did not BUY.
4. Indira Nehru married Feroz Khan very much against the will of Nehru and Gandhi and made a fake Gandi with an affidavit in which no change of religion was mentioned.
5. MK Gandhi’s Iswar – Allah and chastity (sexual abstain) research with Sucheta Kripalini to teenage girls, made one of his sons a part time Muslims.
6. Asaf Ali, the carrier diplomat who FIRST time supported Turkish Khalifa against British, Arab and many India Muslims leader’s objection. He was of “Muslim nationalist Party”. Perhaps to convince him “not to insist” for Pakistan he was lured by a young Hindu girl, (20 yr junior to him) Aruna Ganguly, very much against her parents/family’s objection.
List can be very long:
1. MN Roy ( cummi)
2. Nely Chakroborty
3. Madhusudan Dutta
4. Rajiv Antonio ( Puri – Pashupati nath )
5. Balashaheb’s Granddaughter married a Muslim & S Swamy’s family
6. Manish Tewari
7. Anand Sharma
8. Ajit Yogi
9. Ambika Soni ( Ram Shetu / Ramayana)
10. Pawadi Nawab, Azaruddin, Salim, Salman Khurshid, Raj Babbar, Muktar Abbas, Sahnawaz Hussain.
11. Sunil Dutt
12. Shasi kapoor

“Bhgwt Gita says “when women go ‘stray’, Varnashankars (illegitimate children) are born “…. When that happen Kulodharma (adherence to family belief, tradition, cultures, ethos and value) gets disrupted/destructed. Children brought up without family discipline will destroy the family tree and would be dependent on self-instincts to satiate their all the Indrias (sensory organs) and ripus (cumulative end product of the acts of senses) there by deviating from path of righteousness to life of fulfillment”.
(I do not mean all such marriages are bad or illegitimate. On the contrary scientific research on the inter- racial marriages in USA and Singapore has shown positive result. Love and Lust is never the same)

I presume British understood how to damage the essence of Hinduism and spirit of Bharat. They enacted mixed marriage act in 1780s and perhaps convinced “our politicians” to enact law even in free India during 1954 parliament act (see the links) and Churches too took that advantage for faith harvest.

West needed secularism to get rid of Church theocracy where as India was never a theocratic state and our “Purohit” never equates a xcian priest or an Imam. Sri Krishna says “Call Me by any name, worship me in any forms, your prayer always reaches Me.”
Why this “appeasementology” is necessary when we accept all religion as true.

What they did to increase this trend:


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