Put together Special and General Theory of Relativity, Dr.Einstein presented precious universal angles in interdependence among matter, space and time. It however appears that space and time are abstract. Invisible waves operate in space and time merely accounts period of action out of mass. Mass means objects in the form of infinite objects, stars and planets with space waves and matter within in action. Whether any addition or subtraction in object s takes place, time and space hold an independent identity and are measurements on specific developments.

Dr.Einstein’s mass energy equation E=mc2 has a constant ‘c’ termed as velocity of light which is the maximum and nothing travels at more speed than that on assumption basis. E=mc2 on the earth is after defying gravitation which is variable depending upon gravitation impact on other objects. Where no gravitation operates or less than the earth, the net energy value must be more than the current mass energy formula. So there is no standardization. Nothing travels faster than velocity of light is debatable in view of sprawling universe. There may be numerous sun like objects with relation to some objects as the sun is with the earth. May be due to less gravitation range elsewhere sunrays travel would be with less resistance. So naturally, the speed thereof would be higher than 1,86,000 miles per second in the E=mc2 equation. Another thought emerges that the net speed of light requires to be determined after deduction of calculated speed support by gravitation force to reach on any object including the earth. Probably if the Theory of Relativity relates to total universe rather than on earth conditions alone, it will take us closer to knowing the minimum and maximum speed of light. As the universe is infinite with billions of objects, there may be other sun like objects.

With the travel of objects, the matter gets activated causing energy outputs, depending upon prevalent gravitation force. Energy formulas thus undergo changes in calculations. Space simply serves as a home for billions of objects without any boundaries, doors, windows and roof too. It is an astonishing aspect of the nature. Time is alive constantly to account period. Neither the space nor the time can be traced for its origin as there is no birth and exit of these two factors, thus immortal. The Theory of Relativity does not seem to appear to concern time and space, but operates on matter. Elements of objects classified as per similar characteristics are interdependent, keeping balanced activity, not to cause any noticeable disturbances. Any fluctuations get easily absorbed in the infinite space field.

Curvature or bending of the universal phenomenon to the eyes is due to circular rotation of immeasurable objects. Even the earth is round as the universal circular visibility. Shifting of positions of objects in any measure is attributable purely to matter movements. Scientists have rendered

gravitation understanding in different ways. Gravitation is a force concerned with binding, expansion and contraction which is beyond justification and calculation but sponsored by equilibrium. An exclusive category of harmonious waves functions keeping the universe safe. Gravitation impact leads to develop deep dents in space as black holes to pull in thrown up matter due to wear and tear of objects, which gets incinerated to avoid crisis. Black holes are natural auto incinerators. This knowledge would be useful for waste disposal on the earth to keep environment clean and pollution free. Space and matter is occupied by waves in solid, liquid or micro levels. The atomic waves are categorized as per similar ingredients. The energy output relates to sound and speed emerging out of mass from objects. It is because of specific wave strengths, discoveries have been possible solely dependent upon harmonious behaviour of the nature. Even a slight change will affect discovery formulas including E=mc2. Harmonious waves are independent of space, matter and time, understanding of which would push us to locate a unified energy formula operating in the universe.Dr.Einstein stated that for any observer, the universe to look at is the same. Anything in visible form from the earth may be the same. But any variation in impact of gravitation and other elements on other planets will present a different scenario.


Basically the space is like a huge spacecraft with objects as passengers. Perhaps by knowing the sensing operations of the nature, the universe to look at may be closer to the uniform understanding. Probable wobbling of objects due to wear and tear and space elasticity would demonstrate different scenes from object to object. Though certain basic elements are same to sustain the universal objects movements, impact thereof may be in variance resulting in specific distance and rotation speed among objects but maintaining harmony in totality. Beyond gravitation range of infinite objects and in the left over space, sound proof waves exist and therefore we do no hear an iota of tremendous vibrating noise from rotating objects. This study would be useful in controlling noise pollution on the earth.

Matter alone is the essence at the root of hidden secrets, particularly harmonious waves. Finally the Theory of Relativity appears to relate the matter.

H V Navangul
Age 81

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