British Website lists Master Da Surya Sen and Tarakeswar Dastidar as Criminals in their criminal data base

British Website lists Master Da Surya Sen and Tarakeswar Dastidar as Criminals in their criminal data base

Sir, British Website lists Master Da Surya Sen and Tarakeswar Dastidar as Criminals in their criminal data base. Action must be taken against this website at once.”
•►Kharia Thevar writes as above,
█►‘Anjaan Bandaa’s reply to that is under:—
•“It’s very natural that a genuine-most patriot and fighter is always abused and marked as traitor by the imperialist rulers and their successors.
“British butchers will never accept ant true revolutionary fighters of their slave countries as the great patriots.
British butchers never are against the trio (a) ‘M K Gandu’ [Makkar Kaminaa Gandhi],
Gaddaar Patel [vallabhbhai Patel], or J L Nehru [Jaliyat Lampat Nehru].
Rather they have built statues of those trio traitors of this land India on their soil.
‘Have ever they told any single line on the revolutionary patriots of India ? Can they ever praise the persons like Surya Sen, Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subhas ▬ for whom they were facing difficult to loot this country and finally they have to leave this holy land with transferring the political power to the said trio ?
“… And the slave government of India [GOI] under British Commonwealth, can never do anything on this matter, — rather they can make tallest statues of the trio-traitors to fool its own peoples — intending to design & decorate those traitors as the greats. Because this GOI is always to perform its tasks as per the directions of its British-masters.” ▬▬ ‘Anjaan Bandaa’
█► Now see these lines of the webside as under :—

Masterda and Tarakeswar Dastidar
India in the early 1930s was a hotbed of activists � terrorists or freedom fighters according to your political preference � bent on hastening the date of their country�s independence. They operated in largely uncoordinated gangs, making the task of suppressing them easier for their British rulers.
Over several months one such gang, called the Chittagong Group and led by brothers Masterda and Tarakeswar Dastidar, captured the two main military armouries in Chittagong, destroyed the telegraph and telephone office, seized guns, disrupted railway communications and killed members of the white and local Indian communities.
On April 18th, 1930, the Chittagong Group attacked the local police and their auxiliaries and captured a large quantity of arms and ammunition, before taking themselves off to the Jalalabad Hills on the outskirts of the town.
A few days later they were surrounded there by several thousand troops. Twelve of the rebels were shot dead in the encounter. The rest escaped but were later arrested in Chittagong. By the end of the gang�s campaign, though, 22 British officials, police and soldiers were dead, plus about 220 British and Indian civilians.
Masterda and Tarakeswar Dastidar were finally betrayed by an informer and arrested in February, 1932. They were tried and sentenced to death the following year. Both were hanged in Chittagong Prison on Friday, January 12th, 1934.

Sources, British Criminal: truecrimelibrary

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