Kama Sutra ! Art of sex ! Woman desire ! Happy life !

Kama Sutra ! Art of sex ! Woman desire ! Happy life !


Three I learned from the Kama Sutra

by Marlies Dekkers

Apart from the acrobatic sexual positions, this ancient love manual offers some weird and wonderful, but also surprisingly relevant advice for modern lovers.When I had to research the Kama Sutra for a project in art school, some years ago, I expected an endless list of complicated sexual positions. (Prince’s ‘Get Off’ came to mind: ’23 positions in a one night stand’) But this almost 2000 year old philosophical work on kama shastra, or ‘science of love’, turned out to be a Hindu love manual with a universal, timeless message: sex is a sacred gift from a higher power, essential to life and worthy of study.

Sure enough, much of the text is dated and culture bound; it can be sexist and violent –no, hitting a woman against her will is NEVER okay! – and downright weird. How about this questionable advice: “Sprinkle a mixture of powdered milkweed thorns, hogweed, monkey’s shit and root of glory lily on a woman. She will not want sex with anyone else.” (Don’t believe me? Check the latest Penguin edition of the book with stunning cover art by Malika Favre

Italian Kamasutra | Super Hit Movie 2017 | Full Naughty Bold Film 2016

Some ideas however, really stood the test of time:

– Sex is sacred: In our throw away society where pretty much anything can be bought, we sometimes forget that sex is so much more than just getting off. When two people open themselves up to each other during sex, they create a sacred bond. Or how the Kama Sutra describes it: “At the moment when the peak of bliss is attained, the internal and external world vanish. The man and woman cease to be separate entities and lose themselves in the beatitudes of being.” Now THAT’s sexy!

Knowledge is power is sexy: When the Kama Sutra offers advice on how to be a ‘desirable woman’, it suggests that before marriage, women should learn ‘all the required forms of art’, ranging from reading about worldly affairs to playing an instrument or knowing how to make a bed. And of course she should study the 64 sexual positions that the Kama Sutra is known for! Despite perhaps sounding terribly old-fashioned, I like the idea that a well-rounded person is more attractive. My personal motto: squatting is great, but so is reading!


Kissing is an art and so is scratching!):( I think kissing is one of the most intimate things two lovers can do. In a way, passionate kissing can be more intense than intercourse, something we seem to take for granted sometimes. So I really appreciate how the Kama Sutra has elevated kissing to an art, even distinguishing between three different types – the throbbing kiss, measured kiss and the brushing kiss- and recommending special spots such as the clitoris, hair and the inside of the mouth. Not only that, women are recommended to scratch their partners! Here, several varieties are described, such as the half-moon, the tiger’s claw and the lotus leap. Granted, this may boggle our 21st century minds, but I think we get the idea: foreplay is f*cking fun!

Amazing facts about Kamasutra

Amazing facts about Kamasutra

In this article I will share some amazing facts about Kamasutra.

Kama Sutra is a healthy living guide from ancient India that has been around for 2500 years. Vatsyayana, a Hindu sociologist after a lot of study and research documented all aspects of sex and family life. However, only 20% of Kama Sutra is about sexual positions. The remaining 80% deals with a large variety of topics in terms of society, marriage, love life and human civilization.

However, in the hands of fake Mughal and British morality, Kamasutra was dubbed as pornography and what not. In this post, I will highlight why Kamasutra is much more than merely a sex-guide but also a spiritual source book par excellence.

In Sanskrit, Kama means desire and sutra means rules. Hence Kamasutra means the rules of desire. Desire include reading, poetry, singing, dancing and making love. The Ancient Hindus had an all-encompassing view of creative arts and did not have the fake morality of Christians and Muslims.

Kama Sutra was first translated into English in 1876 by a British explorer named Richard Burton. After reading the Kamasutra he is supposed to have said, “We British never knew of this kind of love-making. Had we known, we would not have ruined the lives of so many British virgins.”

#1 Cryptography
Amazing facts about Kamasutra - Cryptography Cipher Codes

Image Courtesy: sciencemag

Kamasutra is one of the oldest texts to contain cryptography use in daily life. It contains instructions encrypting messages and making them unreadable. The Kama Sutra included encryption as something which a woman should study.

Kama Sutra says that women must learn “the art of speaking by changing the forms of words. It is of various kinds. Some speak by changing the beginning and end of words, others by adding unnecessary letters between every syllable of a word, and so on.”

#2 Hindu Viagra

Amazing facts about Kamasutra - Hindu Viagra
Image Censored by Me
Kama Sutra is the oldest book in the history of mankind to have ingredients of Viagra – 2000 years before modern day medicine.
Hindu Viagra = Sparrows Egg boiled in milk + Clarified Butter (Ghee) + Honey#3 Open and Tolerant Society
Amazing facts about Kamasutra - Open Tolerant Hindu Society

Kamaa Sutra relates an age  before the advent of backward religions like Christianity and Islam. Hindus were (and still continue to  be) and open and tolerant society.

Widows as well as concubines could get married and lead a normal life without any social stigma. “The wife, whether she be a woman of noble family, or a virgin widow re-married, or a concubine, should lead a chaste life, devoted to her husband, and doing every thing for his welfare. Women acting thus, acquire Dharma, Artha, and Kama, obtain a high position, and generally keep their husbands devoted to them.” (Kama Sutra 4.1)

#4 Building Wealth: Focus on the Process
Amazing facts about Kamasutra - Building Wealth Artha

Today, Value investors insist: “Focus on the process of building wealth and not on the outcome”. That is why we have process based products like recurring deposit or Systematic investment plans.

Vatsayana stresses in Kama Sutra the importance of application of proper means and processes to build wealth. “the application of proper means may be said to be the cause of gaining all our ends, and this application of proper means being thus necessary (even where a thing is destined to happen), it follows that a person who does nothing will enjoy no happiness.” (Kama Sutra 1.2)

#5 Talks about Moderation

Amazing facts about Kamasutra - Moderation

Unlike the gluttony of Western civilization and the stark barbarism of Saudi culture, ancient Hindus stressed on moderation, as described in Kamasutra.

Pleasures are, therefore, to be followed with moderation and caution. No one refrains from cooking food because there are beggars to ask for it, or from sowing seed because there are deer to destroy the corn when it is grown up.#6 Vocational Education for Women

Amazing facts about Kamasutra - Women Vocational Education
Kama Sutra talks in details about the importance of vocational education for women. Even today among Muslim communities, women have no rights and are beaten by men and cannot leave their houses. Yet ancient Hindus were so liberal and allowed women not only education but also vocational training. Some examples are:
  • Writing and drawing
  • Fixing stained glass into a floor
  • Storing and accumulating water in aqueducts, cisterns and reservoirs
  • Art of making ear ornaments
  • Art of preparing perfumes and odors
  • Carpentry, or the work of a carpenter
#7 Scientific, Engineering Technology Education of Women in  Ancient India
Amazing facts about Kamasutra - Scientific, Engineering Technology Education of Women in Ancient India
 Image Courtesy: Wikipedia
A reading of Kama Sutra helps us understand that Ancient Hindus of 500 BC laid great stress on Scientific Education for women. Some of the sciences women focused on were.
  • Architecture, or the art of building
  • Chemistry and mineralogy
  • Knowledge of mines and quarries
  • Botany and Gardening; knowledge of treating the diseases of trees and plants, of nourishing them, and determining their ages
#8 Sexual Positions, Love Making and Kissing
Amazing facts about Kamasutra - Sexual Positions, Love Making and Kissing

As per Vatsyayana, there are 8 ways of making love and each of these techniques can be done in 8 ways. Hence in Kama Sutra he enumerated and documented 64 unique techniques for making love – a feat unparalled in human social history.

The French are famous for their kiss – yet they have only 1 type of kiss, the French kiss. Ancient Hindus on the other hand as documented in Kamasutra had 40 unique kisses – 10 methods and 4 ways for each method.

#9 Understanding Human Behavior

Amazing facts about Kamasutra - Understanding Human Behavior
Image Courtesy: fineartamerica

The Kamasutra teaches us how to understand and appreciate the physical and mental needs of human beings. Stress was paid on knowledge of the rules of society, and of how to pay respects and compliments to others, art of knowing the character of a man from his features

#10 Women’s Rights
India always was way ahead as far as women’s rights were concerned. Things went bad after Christians and Muslims invaded Inida and brought their Arab barbarism with them.

Here is what the Kama Sutra says on status of women: “ .. receives a seat of honour in an assemblage of men. She is, moreover, always respected by the king, and praised by learned men, and her favour being sought for by all, she becomes an object of universal regard.

— END —-
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