Who is going to care the real heroes of independence? Bapu !!Chacha !! or Great Bengali

Who is going to care the real heroes of independence? Bapu !!Chacha !! or Great Bengali

Who is going to care the real heroes of independence?

Few days ago the PM expressed his wishes for the birth of August and unfailingly remembered the Quit India Movement (earlier announced by the INC which subsequently presented a letter to the viceroy that they have not lanunched any agitation at all). And still, the GOI attributes all the credit for the Quit India.

The PM also remembers the Non-cooperation movement and other programmes of the INC and once again emphasise that it was Gandhi’s steadfast approach won freedom for the country. There is no wonder. Even if Dr. Manmohan Singh is in the chair, he would have spoken the same and credited Gandhi-Nehru combine for the success of the bloodless war launched by them.



The nation would have stood erect had our PM pronounced the name of Khudiram Bose, the first martyr to go to the gallows on the 11th of Aug 1908. But he has got his own discomfiture and would have taken care not to embarrass the dynasty. Had the name of Khudiram Bose come from his mouth, the nation may ask what steps his government had taken to re-write Indian history which being one of his poll promises. So we can understand his silence.


Re writing of Indian history may lead to shattering of several myths which are being taught in the schools and colleges. And one of the casualties will be the Gandhi’s Gramodyog. The public may come to know that several Chatra Bhandars were opened in Bengal before Gandhi could launch his Khadi movement. Even the Gramodyog is thriving to day because of the subsidies and funds provided liberally by the government to keep the image of the Charka in the minds of the people.

Next week, all the cities and towns will have a new look with festoons and decorations with the tricolour flags and banners to tell the new generation that Bapu and Chacha tried their hard to get the lollipop and fed us at the midnight on the 15th of August 1947.

The nation will once again stand up and thankfully remember the great services, not disservices of Bapu-Chacha, from whom we got lollipops and imported toffees sanctioned by the British.

Jayatu Subhas,

C M Amrtheswaran

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