Great Leader ! Should Mamata Banerjee be the next PM of India?

Great Leader ! Should Mamata Banerjee be the next PM of India?

Should Mamata Banerjee be the next PM of India?

Short Answer – NO!

Long Answer

There are many reasons, come to think of which one feels Mamta Bannerjee would make for a disastrous Prime Minister of India. We have a good shot at Mamta’s career, she has been a Cabinet Minister for quite a few times, presented many Railway Budgets as the Railway Minister of India and has been the Chief Minister of West Bengal for a good ~6 years now. With enough administrative roles and ample time spent among these roles, it gives us more than needed to assess her capabilities as a leader, administrator. Below are some of the examples of how or why she is not a good fit. Many of these reasons would also be applicable to someone like Arvind Kejriwal or Lalu Yadav.

Short Sighted and Regionalist – As Railway Minister, both during NDA II and UPA II governments, Didi acted more like a Railway Minister for West bengal than as Railway Minister of India. Many more trains were started for and were exclusive to and from Howrah and other stations of West Bengal. She even vehemently opposed the bifurcation of Railway zones as it led to Hajipur emerging as a dominant railway zone. During her 2nd stint she allotted Local metro project to Kolkata (which has been marred by delays and yet to see the light of the day, thanks to efforts of Suresh Prabhu, Kolkata metro might be completed soon). She replicated the Rajdhani express model to start another chain of trains known as ‘Duronto’ where Delhi was replaced with Kolkata (Howrah/Sealdah) as a common to/fro point for all of these trains. She even abused the visionary Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi who succeeded her and also belonged to her own party, because he did not carry forward Mamta’s populist agenda.

Disruptionist – Mamta Bannerjee has a habit of opposing anything or everything just for the sake of opposing. Very few times do her oppositions have any rational behind them. More often than not it is to gain publicity. Mamta resigned from NDA I and NDA II cabinets, only to make comebacks months later. She also withdrew support from UPA due to her disruptionist moves. When Tata wanted to open Nano production factory in Singur, her dharna led to the ouster of the corporate giant, despite them having purchased land at very high prices. Along with this and Nandigram protests, she scripted the ouster of Left alliance from West bengal for the 1st time in 3 and a half decades

More Communist than Communists – Mamta believes herself to be a true representative of ‘Aam Aadmi’. She believes, leading a simple lifestyle has turned her into the one and only voice of masses. The problem with such politics is that it thrives on keeping the poor as poor so as to gain electoral benefits by formulating policies in the favour of poor. How would they benefit if there are no poor to woo? Mamta came to power against the ideology of Left Front. However her politics is far more radical and left than even left front. As of date only Arvind Kejriwal’s party is considered to be lefter than Mamta. In short, Mamta asked for votes against communism, only bring bigger and more radical communist ideology in place. She is so communist that she has the unique distinction of ‘firing’ a Central Railway Minister, who belonged to her own party, just because he had rightfully raised ticket fares to end the Railways financial woes.


Dictatorial – Mamta Bannerjee is one of the most dictatorial politicians in India, probably 2nd only to Arvind Kejriwal. Do remember how many people are arrested in West Bengal for writing Social Media posts against Mamta ‘Didi’. An age old cartoonist was arrested as he correctly portrayed Mamta deriding her own railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi. Needless to say that Mamta has little tolerance for dissent and likes to oppress dissent ruthlessly, either legally by using the police under her or by the way of violent party workers who openly indulge in threats and abuses.

Radical Islamist – If the Communist parties were students of appeasement if Islamist fundamentalism, Mamta Didi could be termed as its principal. As a chief Minister, instead of acting secular and separating religion from administration, Bannerjee Didi started giving salaries to Imams of Mosques to promote a particular faith/religion. As per some experts these Imams wield considerable influence on the Islamist Chief Minister and subsequently the public policy of West Bengal. From 1998 (when she took a stand against illegal Bangladeshi immigrants) to 2014 (when she said illegal Bangladeshi immigration was an imaginary issue), Didi came a long way to convert (figuratively speaking) from Mamta Bannerjee to Mumtaz Bano. Today Malda, Birbhum, Burdhaman have become hotbed of Islamist radicalism and we read news of crude bombs exploding every now and then, Hindus been ruthlessly driven and forced to run out of their houses due to the fear of radical islamist forces. Inviting someone like Ghulam Ali (Pakistani Singer) to Kolkata or getting friendly with Shah Rukh Khan than a Bengali actor, her soft hand on cracking down Islamist fundamentalism, and many such incidents show that she places electoral politics over the Internal security of her state and the country.

These are some of the reasons why such a figure should not become the PM of India. The country will become directionless and will be under chaos. It is best that she is restricted to being the CM of West Bengal and continues her acts there in that very state so that the rest of India is spared. The same applies to other short sighted and regional leaders like Kejriwal, Lalu Yadav. It would be best if they stay where their people have chosen them and ultimately face the good or bad of these leaders.


by Suyash Bharadwaj, Right Minded, Politically Incorrect, Strongly Pro Logice two person whom I would never like to see as PM is Rahul Gandhi and Mamta Banerjee.

A) Mamta Banerjee is the greatest of the pseuo-seculars. Almost equally communal to Azam Khan:- With Mamta on CM’s throne of Bengal, Bengal has become the second Kashmir of India.

Intolerance against Hindus under Mamta Banerjee’s rule in Bengal:

  1. Muslim mobs go on rampage in Usti, West Bengal The media never highlighted this issues in their channels. Mamta Banerjee has a great grip on Bengal News media, and National News Media doesn’t bother to show news where Muslims are culprits..
    1. As some persons would want more reputed links, they demanded links from TheHindu or TimesOfIndia. Because they think I am propaganding against Muslims. So here’s a link from TheHinduShops vandalised in South 24 Parganas .
    2. TimeOfIndia Link:- Violence after villager murder – Times of India
  2. Muslim Rampage in India: Three women were striped and raped, and then dumped on street by Devout Muslim Politicians. Massive group of Muslims attack Hindus in Burdwan District.
  3. Falta: Extensive violence against Hindus. The Falta chaos was just a tip of the iceberg.
  4. Canning Riots 2013: Persecution of Hindus In West Bengal. The Canning Riot is a total failure of humanity. Hindus were mercilessly butchered and killed.
    1. Here’s the TimeOfIndia link:- 2013 Canning riots- Latest Update
  5. Hindu cremation in Murshidabad, West Bengal needs to take permission from Muslim administration:- Hindu cremation needs Islamic approval and police permission in West Bengal – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti
  6. Recent Malda incident where 2.5 Lakh Muslims burned down the town of Malda, yet Mamata Banerjee states it is not a communal riot, but rather a clash among BSF and locals. Check the details in Saswat Routroy’s answer to What exactly happened in Malda, West Bengal? What is the issue all about?
  7. Muslims vandalized RajabazarPark Circus seven-point crossing, Moulaliand Sealdah area, after RPF detained 62 Muslim kids and a cleric at Sealdah Station, travelling without tickets. Hindu’s houses, shops, cars were totally vandalized. Many people were traumatized with this incident. Kolkata on edge after police intercept 62 children travelling without valid documents | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

Mamta Banerjee has turned a blind eye on his Muslim followers and supporters. No matter whatever activities they do, Mamata is always there to defend them and instead she gives them a free hand.

Special privileges to Muslims in Bengal:-

  1. Mamata Banerjee provides special scholarship to Muslim students, while she ignores Hindu students. She herself claims that:- Bengal tops in scholarships, fund utilisation for minorities: Mamata
  2. Durga idol immersion was sustained for Muharram:- No immersion of Durga Idols in Kolkata on 23-24 Oct due to Muharram
  3. Miss Mamata Banerjee wanted to show that she cares about Muslims. So the public exchequer was drained to pay remittance of Rs3000 to maulvis in the State. The percent of money that ended up in the hands of these organizations may be small but such selective treatment was enough to boost the confidence of these organizations to invest in Bengal. Setback for Mamata as HC rejects  dole to imams and muezzins – Times of India

B) Rise of Terrorist activity in West Bengal:- Mamata Banerjee gave a free hand to Bangladeshi Muslims to enter West Bengal for the sake of a promising vote bank. The TMC party is allowing the illegitimate intruders to settle in Bengal, and in return they promise their political alliance and vote to TMC.

As such West Bengal is getting filled with illegal immigrants and lots of them are involved with Jamat from Bangladesh.

The Bardhaman blast clearly states how the Madrasas are being used for terrorist and insurgent activities.

  1. Burdwan blasts: There is more to the ‘institution’ of bombs
  2. Bengal Madrasas: Fearsome Gardens of Terror Plots
  3. Burdwan Blast: A Pen Drive with Video on Bomb-making Key for Bengal Terror Investigation

West Bengal is becoming a den for supposed terrorists and ISI agents:- Three ISI agents have been arrested by NIA, two of them were TMC leaders. Irshad Ansari (51), a contract labourer with Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited (GRSE), his son Asfaq Ansari (23) and relative Mohammed Jahangir – were arrested from Dr Sudhir Bose Road in the Iqbalpur police station area in the southern part of the city.

Irshad was an active member of TMC-backed labour union of the port area. Asfaq was the general secretary of Trinamool Congress Chhatra Parishad – STF arrests 3 over ‘ISI links’, two of them ‘TMC workers’

C) West Bengal judiciary and Law-enforcement system is a total shame:- The above stated incidents in point. A is a day-light bright prof of total failure of jurisdiction and law-enforcement system.

The Police under Mamata Banerjee rule is just sitting silent and performing the role of an audiences. They are staying silent when the TMC goons and Muslims culprits are having free hand to do whatever they want:-

  1. TMC goon beat up a doctor:- TMC goons beat up doctor – Times of India
  2. TMC goon beat up Police:- Cop beaten by ‘TMC’ leaders in Howrah – Times of India
  3. TMC goons vandalising a Police Station:-TMC goons raid police station, cops scurry to safety
  4. TMC goons rape and murder the wife of a CPM leader:- TMC goons allegedly rape, murder CPM worker’s wife

D) West Bengal tops as the state with most political murders:- West Bengal has earned the dubious distinction of recording the highest number of political murders in the country, the National Crime Records Bureau’s (NCRB) latest report points out. Bengal earns a distinction; topper in political murders

E) Total Downfall of Economy, and a huge rise in mismanagement:- Mamata Banerjee is known for her protests, for her aggression. But she is a total failure in terms of management issue. She is totally failure at times to prioritize things as per the state’s welfare. Take the example of Singur Tata Nano controversy. Instead of keeping both sides balance, she played it for her path to CM’s chair. But Bengal’s status as a unappreciable state for industrialists, just increased further. The common people of Bengal were the ones who end up getting nothing. Now the people of Singur regrets that they got brainwashed by Mamata and thus got nothing after so many years of wait.

See the downfall of economic activity in Bengal:- Why West Bengal is lagging behind other states

F) Mamata Banerjee is the most abusive politician, who speaks whatever ill words come to her mind:- In a stage, she gave a speech, “They(CPM) were in power for 34 years, but could do nothing. Instead they are trying to figure out how to shove bamboos up the a*s of those who are doing it”. Have you ever seen any CM using such abusive derogatory words? Even in the Hollywood Movies, you won’t see a gangster making such comments! Great!!

Mamata Banerjee’s ‘bamboo’ cuss outrages Bengal – Times of India

G) She doesn’t have the ‘class’ factor which other lady CMs have:- SRK even kissed her on her hands, hugging her during celebration of KKR’s win in the IPL. Have you even seen any Tamil actor kissing Jayalalitha on her hand, or any Bollywood actor doing “la re la ppa” dance with Vasundhara Raje or hugging her?!

H) Whatever bad or controversial happens in her regime, she blames it on opposition:- Yes that’s true. She considers herself as Julius Caesar, who is above the law, above the judgement, above opinion, above anything. Whatever bad happens under her regime, be it gang-rape of nun or CPM leader’s wife’s gang-rape and murder, she claims all these have been done by opposition to malign her governance.

Just take a look at this. A CPM leader’s wife was gang-raped and killed by TMC goons. But she refuses all allegations by saying that the opposition is doing this to malign her.

A nun was gang-raped and she was so quick to blame it on BJP and RSS. ANd when the culprits were caught, it was revealed that they were Bangladeshi illegal immigrants. India nun rape ‘mastermind’ held in West Bengal – BBC News

Whoever tries to criticize her, she calls them Maoist:- Mamata calls student a Maoist for grilling her on law and order

So, from the following performance and incidence of Mamata Banerjee, you can easily imagine what would she make India, if she becomes Prime Minister.

The opinion made by the Writer totally his personal views Ultadin.com does not have any responsibility on there matter . freedom right and freedom speech as per constitution of India give the right to express his opinion

by Saswat Routroy, India, the most tolerant Nation.

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