Truth of Netaji : “World Super Powers were afraid of none but Netaji !❞

Truth of Netaji : “World Super Powers were afraid of none but Netaji !❞

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█(01)► Gandhi’s secretary to Pulitzer-winning American journalist Louis Fischer in July 1946, said the following, while Netaji had reportedly died ten months earlier:—
❝▌║ … … If he [Netaji-Subhas] comes with the help of Russia, neither Gandhi nor the Congress will be able to reason with the country. …║▌❞

█(02)►British intelligence reported to US Consulate in Bombay in May 1946, as under:—
❝▌║ … The hold which Bose had over the Indian imagination was tremendous and that if he should return to this country trouble would result. …║▌❞

█(03)► British Historian Leonard Gordon told Al Jazeera :—
❝▌║ … Clearly there was something about the way he had lived that continues to tap powerful emotions in India, … … Bose is becoming an unassailable hero and perhaps will in time become a deity. … ║▌❞

█(04)►Once during 1940, while there was some discussion between Netaji and Jinnah, Jinnah told to Netaji :—
❝▌║ … If you can recover Congress President-ship there will no Pakistan , or Partition, we will fight together. … …║▌❞

█(05)► Famous British historian and the PA-cum adjutant of Lord Mountbatten, ‘Michael Edwards’ wrote in his famous book The Last Years of British India:-
❝▌║… India owes more to Subhas Bose than to any other man. …║▌❞
❝▌║…Bose, the only one with a clear cut view of the world, was far away in Europe nurturing his plans to liberate India from outside. …║▌❞
❝▌║ … British had not feared Gandhi, the reducer of violence, they no longer feared Nehru, who was rapidly assuming the lineaments’ of civilized statesmanship…The British however, still feared Subhas Bose… ║▌❞
❝▌║ … The fight for India’s freedom was now to take place outside India and the actions of one man were to have profound effect upon the future║▌❞
❝▌║ …The ghost of Subhas Bose, like Hamlet’s father. walked the battlements of the Red Fort, and his suddenly amplified figour overawed the conferences that were to lead ti independence. … ║▌❞ [– Pg.-105]

█(06)►Col. Huge Toye, an intelligence Officer of the British Army, who had to follow Netaji for a long period to murder him, wrote in his famous book “The Springing Tiger” as under :
❝▌║ …There can be little doubt that the Indian National Army, not in its unhappy carrier on the battlefield, but in the thunderous disintegration, hastened the end of British rule in India. … ║▌❞ [~~ Pg. 175]


█(07)►British PM Clement Atlee admitted that :—
❝▌║ … the most important reason behind the British withdrawal from India was the military activities of Netaji. which weakened the very foundation of the attachment of the Indian land and naval forces to the British Government. …║▌❞

█(08)► ‘Nelson Mandela’ paid his tribute to Netaji with the following words :—
❝▌║ … Netaji was amongst the great persons of the world whom we black students regarded as being as much our leader as yours. Indeed, Netaji united all militant youth of all the colonially oppressed world. We followed with pride his great contributions. …║▌❞

█(09 )► Lord Linlithgow, (24 Sep 1887 – 05 Jan 1952). Governor-General and Viceroy of India from 1936 to 1943, wrote :—
❝▌║ … Subhas Chandra Bose is a man of wonderful organizing abilities—almost a genius, and the British Empire could not afford to keep him outside the prison. …║▌❞

█(10 )► In an interview with times of India on 06.04.1970, the Afghani-Leader ‘KHAN ABDAL GAFFAR KHAN’ had said :—

█(11 )► German Intellectual & Historian Dr. Werth’ prophetic observation was as under :—
❝▌║ … Netaji ….. will gain reputation proportionally to the lapse -of time after his departure from the scene at least in those countries where he is not yet fully recognized, that is in Europe and at some future date even in communist countries. This way to immortality is longer but more secure.
••…… He will, no doubt, be honoured some time in the ‘future in Italy like the great Garibaldi who tried to liberate his country from Austria during the last century. In Communist China, Netaji will have in due time the dimension of a Sun-Yat-Sen who by operating from Japan succeeded in freeing China from the abuses of the Chinese Imperial Dynasty. Netaji will sooner or later surely also be recognized by the Irish people in a similar manner as a De Valera, who started to liberate Ireland from the United Kingdom. And finally, Netaji will probably be evaluated in most other European countries in the same manner as Masaryk who operated from Britain for the independence of Czechoslovakia. …║▌❞

█(12)►Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar in February 1955 in a no holds barred interview with BBC’s Francis Watson, expressed the followings :—
❝▌║ … Why are some people so keen on finding out the truth about Subhas Bose? … A part of the answer has to do with what Netaji did for us. … Declassified records, logic, and testimonies of those who knew the best make it quite clear that he dealt a body blow of the British Raj. … While Bose saw in it the opportunity of a lifetime and he wanted the Congress to serve a six-month ultimatum on the British to leave India, the party under Mahatma Gandhi’s lead would not do anything to increase pressure on the colonial authorities. … …
❝▌║ … I don’t know how Mr. Attlee suddenly agreed to give India independence, … The national army that was raised by Subhas Chandra Bose. … The British had been ruling the country in the firm belief that whatever may happen in the country or whatever the politicians do, they will never be able to change the loyalty of soldiers. … That was one prop on which they were carrying on the administration. And that was completely dashed to pieces. … They found that soldiers could be seduced to form a party — a battalion to blow off the British. … ║▌❞

█(13)► Douglas MacArthur, C-in-C, USA, Army Gen., H.Q. Tokyo,; — File No. 273, Govt. Of India, states as under :—
❝▌║ … If Chandra Bose comes again we will lose the whole of Asia. … We are not afraid of Stalin or any other leaders of the world, but we are afraid of Netaji Bose, – the future emancipator of the coloured races of the world. …║▌❞
❝▌║ … Subhas Chandra Bose of India escaped to Russia in … under the camouflage of the story of his reported air crash death on Aug 18, 1945. …║▌❞ — Douglas MacArthur, as the wartime chief of the US Pacific Army.

█(14)►Mr. M. S. Goswaami, Retd. Intelligence Officer of G.O.I and the Chief Secretary of Anti-Corruption Cell, Govt. of W.B., wrote in his report as under:—
❝▌║ … Soon after the Korean War, I’d seen Netaji on 38th parallel. … MacAurthar had also spotted out Netaji and intended to shoot him. Having failed in his attempt, sought President Trumsn’s permission to bomb that area. Truman immediately dismissed that five-star General MacAurthar and recalled him. ║▌❞
—– 〜 as expressed to Mr. Goswami by the General [1957-61] Kodendera Subayya Thimayya, Indian Troops of the British-Indian Army after Transfer of Power Era
★█(15)► Now, here are some lines from ‘Anjaan Bandaa’, about a specific secret-most chapter related to ‘Douglas_MacArthur’, – which he happened to know from some extra-secret documents of Military-journal :—
•(15A)►‘Douglas_MacArthur’ (1880-1964) was actually entrusted the task of eliminating Netaji, immediately after the bombardment of the second atomic bomb over Nagasaki, where, however, Netaji was not found to be caught for elimination.
Bombardment of the first Atomic Bomb was done to eliminate Netaji, who was reported to be there for recces with a purpose of setting his INA Base Camps.
But the secret report about Netaji’s movement, sent by the CIA received through KGB, was found faulty !
The second corrected message to ‘Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill’, regarding Netaji’s presence in Nagasaki was also found as wrong, after the bombardment on 9th Aug 1945 !!!
•(15B)►Then on ‘Sir Winston Leonard Spencer_Churchill”s initiation, ‘Harry_S._Truman’ detailed ‘Douglas_MacArthur’ to shoot Netaji on the spot, anywhere as immediate as he is found at any time, — no need to arrest him for any judgement !
•(15C)►From that 9th Aug 1945, ‘‘Douglas_MacArthur’ was in search of Netaji, but as Netaji was provided unduly black-shelter by ‘Josef Vissarionovich Stalin’, thus, ‘Douglas_MacArthur’ succeeded never to be very nearer to Netaji.
•(15D)►During the Korean War of 1953, where, by the prior planning’s of ‘Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin’, — while Netaji was the task of the chief-operational-adviser in declaring and operating war against America on behalf of North Koria, , ‘Douglas MacArthur’ was able to identify Netaji quite clearly at nearby 40 latitude line on the opposite bank of the river Eyalu’. MacArthur’ was even able to be at a very close distance from Netaji-incognito. —— And, he then … —— as per his own version in the “court-of-Inquiry” held afterwards, —— “he did shoot Netaji but suffered from repeated misfires due to some fault in the pistol-gun”.
•▬ As such he requested permission of the higher authority to bomb that complete area.
Indian General Thimaiya, who was in a team to help American Army, was an eye-witness to that event, where he also happened to meet Netaji.
•(15E)►But as per the version of his [‘Douglas_MacArthur’s] immediate partner-cum-helper, through interrogation, it was learnt that – that five-star General of America – Mr. Mac.Arthur got at the kneel-down position at that spot and began to pray, … seeing his boss-cum-partner in this state, Mac.Arthur’s assistant took then the pistol-gun from him and tried to shoot, but Mac.Arthur resisted him.
•(15F)►Thus ‘Douglas_MacArthur’s request for permission to bomb that complete area was turn-down and he was restrained for such. He was called back and ordered to be faced by a ‘court-of-Inquiry’ and then subsequently removed by Truman.
•(15G)►By the order of the head of the court-of-inquiry’, that very pistol-gun was also tested for its functional ability and, -however, was found to be o.k..
•▬ Then the General had to provide some clarifying fresh statement as show-cause and finally got excused on the pretext that he actually had got hallucination

during the time of the shoot. Heavy sounds of ringing the church bells were there within his ears.
•(15H)►’MacAurthur’ was however asked for volunteer-resignation on the medical ground by Harry S. Truman (1884–1972), the Vice-President of US and was provided necessary neuron-psychiatric treatments for his alleged ‘neurological-disorders’ in the form of “audio- hallucination”.
•(15J)►It was further stated in his biography and in the interview, by Dalai Lama, the Buddhist religious leader of the Tibetans, that “General Shiva” used to apply some supernatural tricks of creating some heavy confusing smoke circumscribing [around] his desired area, — where from within the unusually-camouflaged volts, some paranormal activities were found to happened !!!
Dalai Lama was an eye-witness of this type of paranormal play by “General Shiva” while he was brought to India from the captives of Chinese, by the kind help of that “General dead” !!!
•(15K)►Who were such all ‘oracle’, or ‘onlooker’, or ‘General Shiva” or “General Death” or Super-Asiatic Brain”, … and all etc. ???
[SOURCE: – Exact Source ? — Sorry, that cannot be provided, as that activity may take away the source of some several person’s breathing’s !]
█(16)► Mr. M. S. Goswaami, Retd. Intelligence Officer of G.O.I and the Chief Secretary of Anti-Corruption Cell, Govt. of W.B. wrote as under :—
❝▌║… The story of Netaji’s Marriage is one of the blackest lies of the present day world. …║▌❞
❝▌║বর্তমান দুনিয়ার সবচেয়ে কালো মিথ্যাগুলির একটি হলো নেতাজীর বিবাহ কাহিনী ।║▌❞

█(17) ► The famous writer, controversial commentator and statesman Mr. Norod C. Choudhury, — wrote in Asian Age, 12 Jan 1996, as under :—
❝▌║… Netaji Subhas Chandra has become a good business proposition for his family. [family means Shishir-Krishna-Sugata-Sharmila Group] … The likes of Shishir Bose cannot shed new light of Netaji’s life. All they can do is to encash on their Rangakaka. … But he [Netaji] was indeed a man of integrity and single-minded in his mission. …║▌❞
❝▌Netaji was never a liar. He had his complete attention concentrated towards his pointed aim.▌❞

*[—— Netaji never was diverted or entangled towards anything except the freedom of India and the emancipation of the distressed & slaved races of the world. This means also that his alleged sexual fraudulence is entirely concocted & fake.~ Anjaan Bandaa]
*[N.B.: The famous writer Nirod Choudhury was the highly closed person with the Bose family since 1930’s. He served once as the Private Secretary of Mr. Sharat Chandra Bose, – the 2nd elder brother of Subhas. He was the direct-paternal-uncle of Mrs. Krishna Bose, and later on became the ‘uncle-in-law’ of Shishir Bose, -the son of Sharat Ch, Bose. He was allegedly a part-time British-Spy, employed in the duty of reporting the inner atmosphere within the-then Bose-Family in respect of Netaji-matters. Most tactfully he made the way of entry of his nice “Krishna Choudhury” into Bose-Family, by making love-affairs with Shishir Kumar, – one son of Sharat Ch. Bose. After marriage with Shishir Kr. Bose, Krishna Choudhury-Bose worked most successfully in spreading rumours & affirming the concocted stories on “Netaji’s licentiousness”… and became a long-time higher post-holder in Nehruvian Congress under Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi. ]
❝▌║নেতাজী সম্পর্খে কোনও নতুন আলোকপাত করতে শিশিরের মতো ব্যক্তিরা অক্ষম। তারা শুধু পারেন তাদের রাঙ্গাকাকাকে ভাঙিয়ে টাকা করতে! নেতাজী তাদের কাছে ব্যবসার পন্য !! ║▌❞
(* সুভাষ বসুর ভাইপোরা বা ভাতুস্পুত্ররা সুভাষকে রাঙ্গাকাকা বলে ডাকতেন।)
❝▌║নেতাজী সুভাষচন্দ্র মিথ্যাবাদী ছিলেন না । তাঁর সমগ্র মনটি নিবদ্ধ থাকত তাঁর নিজ লক্ষের উপর।║▌❞
অর্থাৎ তিনি ভারতের মুক্তির জন্য লড়াইয়ে নেমে অন্য কোনও দিকে মন দেননি — প্রেম ও বিবাহের প্রশ্নই ওঠে না। ]
█(18)►Netaji said in a lecture at Tokyo on 06th Nov 1943 as under :—
❝▌║…Asiatic people have been dreaming of a UNITED ASIA and FREE ASIA and we all in India since 1905 have also been dreaming os a FREE and UNITED ASIA. Since then, and particularly since the last world war that dreams, – that thought, has taken concrete shape in the form of PAN — ASIATIC FEDERATION. … …║▌❞
►Further on 10th Dec 1944, in a Tokyo Air-message, Netaji told
❝▌║… a New Asia and developed Asia can never be possible to be formed without including China. … because … a united and re-constructed China is the necessity of the people of the whole of the Asiatic country. … though … it is not a matter of welcoming for Anglo-Americans to a strong and undivided China. …║▌❞

█(19)►Whatever Netaji told in 1943 and 1944 as the supreme commander of INA, that was further done by some “onlooker” — an Indian-incognito General in the Chinese Revolution during 1950’s and during the Korean War [1953].
The Sunday Times Magazine of London, published a news of router which was republished in the 9th issue of 39th year of ‘Jayashree’ Magazine, Page No. 483,— which is as under :—
❝▌║… In the ninth Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, Mr. Mao-Tze-Tung declared that India is her [China’s] uterine brother. … This thorough change of Mao’s mind is due to generous disposition of an “onlooker” who had been to China for a considerable period in exile…║▌❞

►Another News report says that :—
❝▌║…At the time of Chinese adversity when Mr. Mao-Tze-Tung became very bewildered, “onlooker” with his irresistible Power helped him a lot to get main China and freed from the clutches of the imperialist bloc in a single play at dice. …║▌❞

█(20)►Qn.- Who was that “onlooker”, — an Indian incognito general of Second World War ???
Report says that :—
❝▌║…an ‘onlooker’ who had been to China for a considerable period at exile, was an Indian talented-most highly-spiritual mystic-type ascetic person …║▌❞

█(21)►As per the New-China News Agency’s report of that time and news in the Statesman of 27th Jun 1954 :—
❝▌║… Some “onlooker” had also adopted the role of the duplicate general of China as “Liu-Po-Chung” [a Mongolian Name ] to guide the other top-most generals, – where he was appointed as the ‘Vice-Chairman of the Peoples Revolutionary Military Council’. …║▌❞
►Further on 12 Nov 1954, another report of ‘Daily Statesman’ stated that :—
❝▌║…General ‘Liu-Po-Chang’, -the Supreme Commander of the Second Field Army, commanded excellently and got super fame in his career, had also been appointed as the Inspector General of military Training and recently is considered as one most prominent among the fifteen Chairmen…. ║▌❞

█(22)►It is redundant to mention here that, ‘onlooker’, while played his excellent role as the Chinese General Liu Po Chung, as the Supreme Commander f the Second Field Army during the Internal-war of China, against America, the American Generals themselves had to admit ‘onlooker’ as the “Master Manoeuvre”, — that is an expert artist of war-crafts.

█(23)►The Prime minister of Malaysia, Mr. Tunku Abdul Rahman wrote in his autobiography, on Netaji as under :—
❝▌║…Netaji Subhas had lifted up all the small nations of the South-East Asia, like that of ours, from the dust and established those to the set of honourable free-nations. … ║▌❞

█(24)►”If Netaji came out in the light as Garibaldi of the movement, Rash Behari’s part in the drama was more than that of a Mazzini.”– Thakin Nu.(He was the P.M. of The Revolutionary Govt. of BURMA )

█(25)►Seikh Mujibar Rahman, the Father of the Nation of Bangladesh said in an interview on 17 Jan 1972, which was published in the ‘Ananda Bazar Patrika, Calcutta on 18 Jan 1972, — as under :—
❝▌║The best and unmistaken proof of Netaji’s aliveness is ‘BanglaDesh’. The thought of BanglaDesh has been materialized — this fact proves that that Netaji is alive. ║▌❞

█(26)►Within an Asian Liberation Army, there was one Super Power Indian man, who had a secret command over 60 Lakh of soldiers with assorted army uniforms from the different races and countries of Asia. … In his secret visit to China, Mr. U. Mathuralingam Thevar, an Indian famous parliamentarian had chances to meet one Indian dead-General of 2nd WW, in the ‘SinKiang’ areas of China, regarding which there was a front-page report in the ‘ Nation’ of Sharat Ch. Bose on 7th Oct 1949, with highlighted heading “Netaji Subhas is in Peeking, red china”.
►A few missing soldiers of INA [who were re-mastered to INA from the British Army’s Garhwali regiment ], who happened to get returned in India after 1949, from China and Tibet, declared boldly that they had seen their reverend leader in China after 1945. [Amrita Bazaar Patrika, 04th Oct 1955]

█(27)►IS NETAJI SUBHAS CHANDRA Dead or Alive ?
The report of the Evening Post, 15th May, 1970, London, was as under :—
❝▌║The former U.S. Defence Secretary Clerk Cliford described that among the mighty armies of Vietcong in Cambodian border, one complete division of “Asian Liberation Army” fighting their battles under the leadership of superman brain and some of the missing Indian Generals of World War II ║▌❞
*[Who may be that missing Indian General of Second WW ? ~ ‘Anjaan Bandaa’. ]

█(28)►In 1972 Dwijendranath Bose, freedom fighter and Bose’s nephew, testified before a panel that was inquiring into his uncle’s disappearance. Dwijendranath made a series of shocking revelations and claims. One of these related to Mookerjee. Asked whether he had ever talked to the Jan Sangh leader, Dwijen replied that :—
❝▌║…Syama Prasad Mookerjee told me that your uncle [Netaji] is alive. …║▌❞
█(29)►”I said how do you say so? Can you give me the source of information? Then he said :—
❝▌║…in Ladakh during Mr. Nehru’s stay there, a photograph was shown to him by someone, a group of Tibetan Lamas and Netaji was wearing a Lama dress in that group photograph. When it was shown, Mr Nehru snatched it away from that man and asked him not to utter anything more. …║▌❞
█(30)►The complete story of Netaji’s death was based exclusively on a somewhat confusing statement made by the chief of Netaji’s personal staff General Habib-ur-Rahman, who was his most confidential & favourite lieutenant. He claimed that he was with Bose when the plane crashed.
►The report claimed that after giving various contradictory stories about the crash, General Habibur Rahman, who later joined Pakistani raiders in Kashmir post-independence, ▬ he himself crashed with his own statements and finally gave expression to his strongest belief prior to his death that :
❝▌║…Netaji is alive and would return any day!║▌❞.

Anjaan Bandaa

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