Once A Soldier In Netaji’s INA, This 90-Year-Old Man Now Begs To Survive His Days

Once A Soldier In Netaji’s INA, This 90-Year-Old Man Now Begs To Survive His Days

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Once A Soldier In Netaji’s Indian National Army, This 90-Year-Old Man Now Begs To Survive His Days

Shripatji’s story is as inspiring as it is tragic. At the time when India was fighting for her independence, Shripatji was inspired by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and took up arms to lead his motherland to freedom.



Shripatji never knew hardship like he does now. An owner of 7-acres of land in Jhansi, the man even owned a licenced gun. But soon life took a turn for the worse when his son got addicted to gambling and alcohol.

His son, Tulasiya sold off the land and one by one all the other belongings of the house. Life got so bad that everything that the family once owned, slipped away from their hands.




Shripatji did everything to save his family from falling apart. He worked as a labourer as long as his body could allow but after a point of time, he had no choice but to take to the streets and beg to earn a living.



The patriotic man now lives with his wife in a small hut in Hansari. It takes a lot of sacrifice to serve in a national army working towards the country’s independence. But in Shripatji’s case, the people of the nation failed him.



But as humble as he is, he still believes he has the spirit to serve his motherland. Because once a soldier, always a soldier.

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