Subjugation of mind and Molecular slavery: 

Subjugation of mind and Molecular slavery: 

Subjugation of mind and Molecular slavery:
Subhas Mitra 07/10/2017

“Boiling frog syndrome” and “Stockholm syndromes” are just TWO major inherent diseases of Hindus of the subcontinent ever since “Jihadists” set their feet on this land around 711AD (Islam came during life time of the prophet in Kerala and did not subjugate Hindus).
All previous invaders right from White Huns (Mihirkula to Shahank/Kushan etc.) were conquerors/rulers but Jihadists were aggressor, oppressor and destroyer of civilization. Their motive was to bring Hindus on the knee and accept themselves as MALAYUN, JIMMIES (under protection by paying fees as inferior being) or convert. All Hindu’s philosophical, scientific, social research came to stand still and the society switched to protectionist mode by adopting many camouflaging survival technics. It was only because of its unique social engineering (caste system) that we still having many of those ancient texts available, unlike Mayan, Egypt, Mesopotamia, etc. Many of our glorious inheritance /heritage have undergone vigorous changes due to ‘hide & seek’ for the fighting for survival- making place for superstition and blind faith in Sanatan Dharma.
Western Historians has willfully or otherwise has omitted TWO thousand years our history as “black period”, perhaps with ulterior motive of remaining /maintaining superiority over Hindus. Veer Shavarkar alleged blackout of SIX golden chapters of India history.
1835 CE Hindus get a new “deceptive shelter” from Jihadist in terms of reinventing Hinduism in English language. They started with denigrating Sanskrit to the extent that those English Hindus hates Sanskrit and its authorities on history of the land. All those teachers were invariably Christian evangelists (some under the garb of Indologists). It is at this stage Hindus accepted BOILING FROG syndrome { when a frog falls in a jar of water that was placed on burner for boiling but the frog thought it has its natural adaptability to water temperature thus he does not “jumps out” . Here it keeps exhausting its energy of Jumping Out of the Jar by wasting it in adopting and when he ultimately likes to jump out, he has no energy left to jump out}.
By 1900 CE Atheism resurfaced as communism in Europe. In another 25-30 years Hindus put their nose into KHILAFAT and starts appeasing the unappeasable and” licking” the boots that kicked them for centuries.
(Please see TWO videos from YouTube-1. February 1835 -reporting on “British India’ at Royal parliament and 2. Shashi Tharoor’s interview on BBC in 2017 on his book release)
Because of these TWO diseases Hindus (more so the English knowing ones) has developed INFERIORITY COMPLEX of severe nature and its duration has made it genetics. Thus the slavery for over 1200 years has gone down to the Molecular level.
With a non-English Hindu ruler at the saddle, the English and non-English Hindus “crack line” is becoming vivid. Once again Jihadists and evangelists are at their side.( you can find the timeline of my learned friend Pradip Guha Thakurta and observes the comments on the post on “Tom Dick and Harry” Prime Minister of India).
Let me put a few examples of our molecular slavery:
1. India is the birth place of Aesthetics, cosmetics, sense of dressing, decorating etc but before Muslim rule you may not find color of skin distinction in Sanskrit literature or Hindu scriptures before distortion of Bhakti cult during 1500s CE .( …….radha kiu gori ,main kiu kala….. Jaidev Rachna of around 1240s Mughal rule). But now the fairness cream itself is sucking our money out.
2. Sonia Ji ghettos born, school passed out MAID called Hindi a Maid’s language, she was our extra constitutional authority for governance but our English media did not have any problem but when ABV introduced Hindi at UN our English Jytoi Basu ridiculed officially.
3. Modi is Tom, Dick and Harry PM bcz he is not from a catholic school and does not try to mimic western accent.
4. If PV Narashimha Rao- ABV would have not become PMs nobody could expect politicians, ministers speak in Hindi. Kapil Dev was not given interpreter but he had to learn English.
5. Kangana Ranawat is on record saying sarcastically ………. “If you do not speak English what are you doing in Hindi film industry?” Govinda, Johny Lever has to speak in English to prove their class.
6. Our English Hindus never expected a nonwhite official before 1947 and a dark color Indian language speaking official during ACCIDENTAL Hindus dynasty rule.
7. One Indian kalu asked Tharror ; What if British did not rule India? Tharoor replied to ansr it I have to write another book but for now -1. When Brit took over India – we had 89% literacy and British 18%. 2. India contributed 27% global GDP and British -7%. When British left India, our literacy was 27%, Brit -100% and British GDP 30+% and ours around 3%. ( figures may not be accurate)
What a travesty.

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Subjugation of mind and Molecular slavery:

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