The Bose nephews and niece -in-law seems all confused about their dearest Aunty Emilie

The Bose nephews and niece -in-law seems all confused about their dearest Aunty Emilie

The Bose nephews and niece -in-law seems all confused about their dearest Aunty Emilie

The Bose nephews and niece -in-law seems all confused about their dearest Aunty Emilie ,alleged wife of their famous ancestor Netaji Subhas??? If Frau Schenkl is truly what she is projected to be ,how can there be differences in looks??? Different ladies in different published works projected as her? The family seems to be unsure ,still ,whom to project as their version of Frau Schenkl!!!!! 1935 ,1936 and in 1937 ,all different ladies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My GOD even the heroines of films do not change like this unless every time its a remake with different heroines.

Some family members are upset with me for my upright question to them as elders ,which I know their own descendants would question some decades later too:
1) Where is a photo or marriage proof of Netaji with Frau Schenkl
2) Who is a witness and where is it in writing?
3) Why Netaji didnot disclose between 1942-1945 when he was in South Asia and thus closest to home to the elders of his family? Did he lose faith in them or is it a false story?
4) Why Anita Pfaff doesnot have Netaji’s name as father in her Birth Certificate?

5)Why she is Brigette Pfaff officially in Europe and converts to Bose pfaff after crossing the Arabian sea tot he orient???

6) Why both mother and daughter didnot appear in any of the Commissions as the first family on disappearance of Netaji? Were they afraid of opening the Pandora Box of lies in front of the justices?

7) Why none of the family members are objecting to the different ladies projected as Frau Schenkl in published works ,by a part of the family?


8) Why Sardar Patel and Nehru took so much interest to inform the family of an alleged marriage and daughter of Netaji only after Netaji ‘s disappearance in August 1945 , to his family?

9) Is there any Statement by Shri Sarat Bose in support of the marriage and daughter after his visit to Vienna and Frau Schenkl’s home?

9) Why there are multiple dates and years of marriage by different family members of the same man with the same woman? Is manufacturing a false story creating date and year confusion???

10) Why Shri Suresh Chandra Bose deny the marriage and daughter story about his younger brother Netaji Subhas and that too in writing?

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