What led Nehru-Gandhiji- Patel oppose Netaji Subhas?

What led Nehru-Gandhiji- Patel oppose Netaji Subhas?

Let us not mince words.
What led Nehru-Gandhiji- Patel oppose Netaji Subhas?

1) A volcano full of molten envy and jealousy

2) Incentive to access power without adequate competence

3) British threats and supervision on their loyalty

Where did they expose their small mentality???

1) Gandhiji- When his Congress National President candidate Sitaramaiya Pattabhi lost and Subhas Chandra won the election Gandhiji very shockingly express Subhas’ victory is my defeat and ensured sabotage in the Congress Committee leading to Netaji’s resignation as President in 1939. It was Netaji who captioned Gandhiji as ” Father of the Nation” and had kept a brigade in his name in AZAD HIND FAUJ inspite of being opposed by Gandhiji. Look at the difference in hearts and mentality!


2)Nehruji- He openly called the Azad Hind Fauj force of the Invader and opposed all moves of Netaji and his INA. He called Subhas’s move for militant movement a misadventure.He said that he would face the AZAD HIND FAUJ and Netaji with a sword. Nehruji wrote to British PM in December 1945 that Subhas their war Criminal was in Russia and they should do the needful. So he exposes the hatred he had for Subhas by exposing information about him to India’s enemy ,the British!!!!!!!!!

Netaji had formed the Planning Commission within the Congress as the National President and made Nehruji its Chairman. When Smt. Kamala Nehru was ill in Europe it was Subhas who kept her health information while he himself was convalescing . AZAD Hind Fauj he had a brigade named Nehru. Do we not realize the difference in upbringing and mind?

3) Sardar Patel- This is the saddest case. Patel was a follower of Gandhiji while his brother Vithhal Bhai was dead against this movement of Non violence. So when he was spending his last days in Europe it coincided with Netaji’s stay for treatment. Both became close and Vithhal Bhai inspired Netaji to form an army and fight the British. He pledged his entire wealth to Subhas in his WILL to build this army. Vithhal Bhai’s secretary Frau Emilie Schenkl was asked to help Netaji with his book writing and other secretarial jobs. After Vithhal Bhai’s death this WILL made Sardar Patel ENEMY of a much younger Subhas. Sardar filed a case and took all the wealth of his brother away meant for building an army to fight the British .The fissure created never got repaired ,so he encouraged and enjoyed Gandhiji and Nehruji’s opposition to Netaji.

Rajyashree Chaudhuri
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