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A shrot biography of  Abhijit Das

Please support me on my movement to change the pattern of  Indian Education system !!

The present Indian education system and how to revive our old education system?

I took birth in a refugee family from East Bengal . A well settled family forced  to leave East Bengal which came down to West Bengal after having  struggled for food and  shelter !! Now my grandmother is alive she has four sons, of them one is a Commissioner of Central Excise, two of them teachers and one a bank manger. She also has two daughters , seven grandsons, seven granddaughters, four great grandsons and four great grand daughters.  All are well settled and established and among them there are  five grandsons are engineers, and  two of them are doctors .

During my school days, I developed interest in wring  poems with an ambition of becoming a poet. But financial situation of the family forced me to support my family so I went  to study Engineering was admission in Diploma course in   Civil Engineering in  1993 at Ramkrishna Mission Belgharia but after one year had to discontinue  my studies, Preferred to  go for medical but I could not make it  myself to be medical student.  My Family position was very weak to aid my  medical education so I was  admitted in Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 1995 and passed in the year 1998 from Birla Institute of Technology. In 1997,  I feel I must acquire a degree or diploma in Business Administration also to have better career opportunities and so I joined in Bachelor of Business Administration in Ammamalai University distance education to know business but I could not complete the course.
After completing my mechanical engineering I joined in a job.  After one year of work , I thought I must do AMIE from The institute of Engineers to be a graduate Engineer. And got admission in the year 1999 but could  not complete the course due to family circumstances but,  passed only  one paper in Sociology.

From 1998 to 2011, I worked for various national and international organizations, and after losing  my job in 2008,  I joined in Bachelor of Business law from Annamalai University distance education to know the law but could not complete it . And again in  2012  I felt, I must study Economics to know the Economics to understand why Indian Economy is going down why many eminent persons with   Ph Ds in Economics are  unable to make the  country’s economy prosper well.  Then,  I passed five papers of  B A Business Economics of first year two paper of 2nd year three paper are pending and now I am a student of 3rd year passed three paper some paper pending B A Business Economics from Annamalai University distance education. During my admission I asked, can it be possible to take admission in law, worrying about  the situation of law and order and judicial system appearing  so weak.  They said  it was not possible, because to study Law, I must become a Graduate as a pre-requisite. Now I have bought,  many law books to understand Indian Civil and Criminal Laws.

I think I must be a doctorate to be a respectable person in the society. Because once I am a doctorate I may be real educationist and people will listen to me.

About four years ago. I  joined RSS at Thane to get a mew  path of my life. Before election I proposed some of my suggestion how to get power in Lok Sabha, Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe ji appreciated my thoughts and expected it was implemented in U.P. Now Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe ji  is a Vice-president of BJP.

Before the present government took oath of office,  I gave some of my suggestions. Within many suggestions Point “13) Open bank account with all citizens after passing of 12th standard or 18years .Give target to all banks to open maximum bank accounts, convert all post offices as Gramin Bank. Under the heading”MOTHER INDIA WANTS 2/3 MAJORITY of Bharatiya Janata Party in 2014″” is the similar implementation of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. I feel good to understand that my thoughts are similar to that of the Think Tanks of the BJP.

For a full  day I was thinking about  how to met Param Pujonnio Sar Sanga cholok Dr. Mohan Bhagwat ji to discuss about Bengal political situations . On last 26th of Nov I got an opportunity to go Nagpur and met Param Pujonniyo Sar Sanga cholok Dr. Mohan Bhagwat ji .

I attended the program organized by Ponurthan Vidhapith on the subject “Rashtriya Shiksha Sankal Eabang Swarup”.  I listened to  all the  speakers in  the seminar. The summary of the speaker is that every one wants Ponurthan and also come to know that some people have already implemented  different projects.
But it is not clear how to do ponurthan of old Indian education system and implement a new one  in our society.

I would like to point out some of my thoughts:-

India is a very big country and having 29 states from south to north and east of west every where there is differences  in language, culture, different food habits but we all are Indians

We have as many as  415 languages by which people communicated to each other. The Constitution of India has recognized 22 languages as official languages of India.

We have many standards in India to give education to the students.  We have Gujarati, ICSC, CBSE, Bengal standard, Bihar standard, Marathi Standard, Tamil standard and so on.

In which education system the citizen of that  India  adopt will make citizens responsible  to serve our nation. The education system is the back bone of any country. But there are many doubts over  the present education system.
If there are numerous  education standards in one country, it is 100 % confirmed, the citizen of the country will mostly confused on the system.

1) We must make one Indian standard of education and scrap all education system makes it uniform.

2) The medium of education may be different but it’s contents  should be same. If someone study in Gujarat and some one study in West Bengal in class six it  must be same. So that a Gujrati or a Bengali should undertand  the subject in same way but in different languages.

3) Once we make a unique and one Indian system of education then only we can introduce or induce our old education system in place of the present education system.

4) As we know Lord Vishnu’s having ten avatars and different avatar he play different roles.  So to re- introduce our old education system in present circumstance it would be most wise  to make it more scientific.

5) Initially need to choose people from different parts of India; people may be from History, Geography, Science, Engineering, Medical, Sociology, political Science. We need to take their inputs how to construct unique education system.

6) From KG to PG in every subject it is essential to give educationist inputs. It would be a Constituency of Education to guide the systems, then only we can make a good citizen to build a stong  nation. I do not have the idea of China, USA, European  countries, but I assume that there would not be any multi standards of education system like ICSC, CBSE, Bengal standard, Bihar standard, Marathi Standard, Tamil standard etc.,.

7) For a  citizen of India struggle starts from  Birth and continue  to death. In every step the parents and children face confusions  in  life. Mostly lead a life without  a meaning and  without a  target.

8) A citizen of India does not know what is his ultimate goal in life. Just to earn money and feed the family and care of the family education is pursued. Except family and his/her desire he/she is unable to come to think for society and nation. Yes if you want to create a respected Nation, the citizens of the nation should be respected  everywhere, not only in the name Swami Viveakanada Ji not in the name in the name of  the Head of the country. Leadership should be there but only leadership does guide  the society. We need a system that creates  a vigilant society and a mighty nation. We need to create unique and uniform education system. Leadership help to achieve that.

 Sanskrit could be one language which could give the way. In China earlier they had many languages but one king make one national language now mostly all Chinese follow the same I listen this thing from the Chinese  when I was visiting  Shanghai.

 In India we respect every language and love to communicate with that language only. So The medium of education may be in different  languages  but with the same syllabus.
Now I am running  a small Company  for my sustenance . I traveled nine countries but at last I have concluded that my country is best country in the world.

If you want to comment on Indian education system and how to revive our old or having any suggestion please write me


if you want to comment on Indian education system and how to revive our old or having any suggestion please write at ultadin7@gmail.com

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  1. kankana mukherjee
    kankana mukherjee 6 October, 2015, 10:18

    You are doing a wonderful job , mr Das, but i would request you to please rectify the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes that are there in this biography,pls get it rectified.

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  2. prasun kumar mishra
    prasun kumar mishra 18 October, 2015, 15:28


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  3. praful shinde
    praful shinde 24 October, 2015, 13:04

    my self Praful shinde. give me ur contact number
    my 9892094742 / 7208487114

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    • abhijit
      abhijit Author 28 October, 2015, 12:42

      why you want to contact me ? please send an e-mail ! I will definitely attend you ! Jai Sri Krishna !

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  4. Arvind Patil
    Arvind Patil 26 October, 2015, 22:00

    I also have more or less similar emotions and exeperince. I have worked abroad for 15 years (mostly in US) And after working for 20 years and now settled down in India I have joined law course full time and I am currently in 3 year and expected to finish it April 2016. I expect to use my knowledge for some useful purpose.

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  5. goutam basu
    goutam basu 13 November, 2015, 19:42

    Bharat mata ki joi

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