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What is a ‘Hindu Nation’ ?

What is a ‘Hindu Nation’ ? When we utter the term ‘Hindu Nation’, most people take the meaning as ‘Nation belonging to Hindus’. For that matter, some even take it as a concept put across to the people by a

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Bharat is a land of peace

Bharat is a land of peace Swami Vivekananda on India :- * History itself bears testimony to the fact. All the soul-elevating ideas and the different branches of knowledge that exist in the world are found on proper investigation to

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Bharat is a land of God and Goddess

Bharat is a land of God and Goddess Swami Vivekananda on India :- * With every man, there is an idea; the external man is only the outward manifestation, the mere language of this idea within. Likewise, every nation has

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Bharat is a Vishwa mother !

Bharat is a Vishwa mother ! Swami Vivekananda on India :- • “India must conquer the World and nothing less than that is my ideal.” • “To make a great future India, the whole secret lies in organization, accumulation of

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10 Forms Of Goddess Kali

We know Goddess Kali as the destroyer of evil and the slayer of the demons who troubled her human devotees. But few know that she appeared to us in many forms. There are 10 forms of Kali that are prescribed

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How the country will be strengthen with out strengthen your old mother and father, grand father and grand mother ? 0

Many political party made Swami Vivekananda as a young Icon to get vote in their name. After election 99 % political leader forget Swami Vivekananda! Do you know why? because they forget to project Sri Sri Ramkrishna and Maa Sarada

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Janmastami 0

On Janmastami The almighty God Lord Sri Krishana , Owner of Universe took birth as a Human body to teach the human being How to get Muksha ?( Total free from kam-krodha-lov-mod-maho-marsarjo, free from Janmo-Mrito cycle) How to lead a

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